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My Christmas present for all of you! - T1 Flash Gambler


Enjoy the upcoming holidays!


When you are magmar and you have no answer for a 2/1 for multiple turns omegaLol
Happy Holidays everyone!


Makes me wanna build a magmar Ranged deck…
Merry Chrismas to all!


To be fair it was only a 2/1 for exactly one turn :stuck_out_tongue:

And then his Spikes burned my BTA but it was already a 4/3 anyways.

The deck also has only BTA and Lava Lance as answers. Not that any removal would have mattered much after I was down to 9 health on T2 :smiley:


Don’t, I speak from experience that it’s both bad and feels pretty bad to play :smiley: maybe if you’re in Silver it’s possible to pull that off and still win some games.


Well it works in every rank if you have the same hand this guy had and your opponent doesn’t find his removal till end of T1 :slight_smile:

Even an answer on T2 would have been hard to came back from when you have 9 hp against 25 hp :smiley:

But yeah it is a bad card and a bad deck :smiley:


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