My changes to shake up the meta (WIP)


Everyone seems to be discussing how this meta is boring and how broken some stuff are. I also have my own thoughts of how to change the game for a little better, so here are my balancing ideas and maybe some new cards to shake up some things.

Keep in mind that I have never been a very high ranked player ever, and I only reached Gold last season. But ideas are ideas, and I’m not afraid to show them to the rest of people. I could make so many buffs like +1 Health or so, but it would take so much time for now.

Lyonar and Songhai coming soon, although I don’t necesairly see many problems with those factions.

Card Changes

I think most of neutral cards are balanced well, and can have their unique niche depending on the meta. While there are some that changed the landscape of Duelyst by themselves, I can’t say they are blatantly overpowered, but they could get some small changes.

Mythron Wanderer

Most poeple say that this card changed the game for worse. I beg to disagree, althought I don’t say this card is incredibly overpowered. Imo, play a deck that can out-tempo Wanderer or run Chirpuka :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. But I know not many poeple want to go aggro decks, so I made this change.

It doesn’t completely nerf the card to the grounds - you still get a pretty powerful buff. You’re just now basically playing almost like Lyonar to keep the buff. It also reduces the potency of Flash Wanderer in Magmar and should overally make Wanderer decks more healthy. I really like the idea of Reno deck, it just needs to pay off enough for running 1-ofs while not making the pay-off unhealthy.


I will adress Decispikes in this post, but these aren’t going to be very harsh nerfs - rather low to mediocre ones to reduce the burst potency by a little bit. I kinda like Decimus’ ability to punish for drawing too many cards, but he could get a tiny nerf. Without dealing 2 damage, I think he would be likely dead, so I decided to target the statline. 4/3 would make him too vureable, so 3/4 should be fine for now.


I guess this is currently the most hated faction as of now. I beg to disagree, but do they really need to get nerfed to the ground? No.

I guess Magmar will be affected the most by these changes, because Wanderer got nerfed a bit, and they will receive quite a lot of changes. I’ll not touch cards like Makantor Jesus, don’t worry. These changes are mosly focused on Burnhorn.

I did think of potential nerfs to Ragnora BBS, but it’s fun to build your deck around, and my other chanegs will rather give other factions ways to deal with Ragnora. Also Wanderer nerf convinced me to leave Ragnora alone.

Tectonic Spikes

This change is meant to keep the Decispikes combo in tact, but reducing the damage potential by quite a bit. A single Decimus and Tectonic Spikes will now only deal 8 damage as opposed to 11. It’s because it now deals slightly more base damage, but draws less cards, which then reduces the potency of your minions like Visionar.

I believe this change alone will reduce the power of Burnhorn by a bit and make it drop a tier.


Not a really big nerf, and Haruspex itself is not blatantly overpowered, but again I wanted to touch on Burnhorn more. I don’t think touching cards that benefit from your opponent drawing cards will solve the issue, it’s better to reduce the amount of cards you’re forcing your opponent to draw.


Just a slight buff to make it more playable, althought I need to be careful, because it’s easier to nerf cards than to buff cards. I still don’t think it would make it enough to be an auto-include, but it’s now more viable.


People also seem to hate my favorite faction, and I can kinda understand why. We have this infamous Fault Rae Kha combo which is a nuisance to most of people. I’ll try to deal with this.

Cataclysmic Fault

Yep, you aren’t blind. It’s a rework of Cataclysmic Fault. I was kinda concerned which version is healthier, because current Cataclysmic Fault is better as one-off and creates an extremely huge tempo swing at turn 6 with Rae. It’s also better if you’re behind, because turning 5 spaces instead of two instantly is better.

However, this version makes Fault viable as more of a tempo tool and can potentially even create more presence than current Fault, althought with this version, you would need to be extremely lucky to draw 3 Faults in a row. You also have better late game with this version.

I was kinda yes and no about that change of Fault, but in the end, I think it’s a little more balanced than current one. The change to Fault is like a weaker Orb Weaver with potential to create more dudes. I was even considering to no summon Dervishes immediately, but it would make Fault pretty unplayable imo.


Yep, another sort of rework. I think this version is more balanced, because while you can still do pretty huge turn swings with this, you’ll need more copies of this to do so, and now you can also play two of them in a turn. It also has lost Flying, so it’s far less oppresive, but I think it’s worth being cheaper and having an instant effect.

Corpse Combustion

Still probably meme tier, but now it’s more viable with quite high quality Vet Dying Wishes, I guess :thinking:


I’m kinda excited by the changes I’m applying to Abyssian. You’ll mostly see buffs, because it is mostly overshadowed by other classes, althought with the nerfs and changes to toher factions, they will be a tiny better. I’ll still buff Abyssian.


I like the design of Hexclaw of a beast that if you kill too many, your opponent will get overwhelmed. Sadly, in the current state, it’s so weak. I decided to tweak it to viability.

It’s main purpose is to be a decent 5-drop for Dying Wish decks that can wreck havoc over time. And what better havoc than damaging your opponent’s minions? While it runs away from directly damaging the enemy General, it now turns towards more board control over time and a slightly better body.

I was considering to change the effect to make the enemy General deal 1 damage to itself and nearby minions, but I better prefer Hexclaw to be a pretty excellent counter to Wanderer and minion-summoning Generals as a whole.

Sphere of Darkness

This should buff cards like Abyssal Tormentor and Shadow Creep decks as a whole whilist not making it deny Mana Tiles. Btw, the main problem with Shadow Creep is forcing the enemy to stand in them, and I think more people should play cards like Chittering Tiller or Lodestar to force your opponent to suffer some damage.


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