My Budget Lyonar deck


Hi y’all people! This is a deck I made with the most success on the ladder. I’m at around rank 12 and climbing pretty constantly. Its meant to be a pretty basic tempo deck with general deck building guidelines (9 2-drops, a win-con, etc) I feel its pretty good but maybe not in your eyes so please tell what I should add or remove. Thanks for your time and here is the deck.


Not bad! Offhand, I’d say: pay close attention to how often you find yourself with First Sword of Akrane in your hand and finding that Stormmetal Golem would actually be better on the board. Or how often you find yourself with First Sword and wishing it were Dancing Blades or Saberspine Tiger.

Because honestly, I’d cut them both for +1 Dancing Blades and +1 Saberspine Tiger. The value of immediate impact is huge, and most of the time if you’re winning on the board enough to make good use of FIrst Sword, you don’t actually need her to win overall.

Other than that, looks solid!