My attempt at Control Magmar


Hey, guys, I made this Control-ish Magmar deck.
Tell me how I could improve it !

Decklist :
Vaath The Immortal x1
Dampening Wave x3
Amplification x2
Bloodtear Alchemist x3
Natural Selection x2
Young Silithar x3
Thumping Wave x2
Earth Sister Taygete x3
Earth Sphere x3
Egg Morph x3
Veteran Silithar x3
Plasma Storm x2
Spirit Harvester x3
Makantor Warbeast x3
Silithar Elder x2
Unstable Leviathan x2

A link if you prefer those :

The point of the deck is to have a decent enough mid game to be able to drop Massive threats in the late game. I have some openers too, but starting as Player 2 can help I guess.

The deck is built to use Spirit Harvester as my main removal. It could remove my Eggs too though. I wanted this deck to be a counter against Swarm Abyssian/Swarms in general and Songhai. Most Songhai units are frail so SH can help quite a bit to deal with them. And it kills off pesky Heart Seekers instantly.
Egg morph synergises well enough with him. Or it can hatch an egg before it kills it.
Plasma Storm obviously is here to deal with Songhai and Swarm archetypes. Or mess with Vetruvian and their annoying Obelysks.
I have Natural Selection as a removal too. Again, it’s made to counter the aforementioned archetypes.
There is also Dampening Wave to help me deal with bigger threats. Thumping Wave as a removal/Damage dealer.
Earth Sphere is there to help me survive.


Dampening wave doesn’t make sense without adamantite claws or draw. Vet. Silithar is too bad to be run tbh, dioltas and funsteel are much better. Unstable leviathan is fun but not really reliable. You also don’t have enough turn 1 plays. 3 Earth spheres is really clunky imo, they just get stuck in your hand often times, 2 is more than enough even for full control imo. I’d most likely go:

Minus: 3 Dampening Wave
2 Natural Selection
1 Earth sohere
3 Vet Silithar
2 Leviathan

Plus: 3 Healing Mystic/azure herald
3 Sunsteel
1 Thumping wave
1 Khymera
3 Flash reincarnation

And maybe go Starhorn to get some draw squeezed in there. khymera is nice bc it’s an alternate wincon that’s not as weak to cassy and it keeps the memefactor :stuck_out_tongue: Pandora might be even better tbh . Thumping wave is too good to not use 3 of them.


Okay, thanks ! I don’t have Sunsteels so I gueas I’ll replace them by Shieldmasters


Craft them ASAP. They basically are a magmar card :smiley:


I would suggest switching Young Silithar fro Gro, and Vet Silithar for Sunsteel Defenders. I have tried using Unstable Leviathan in a Solo Vaath deck but I still found them to be not so good. I know they fit the theme of your deck perfectly, and you are likely to have less/no minions on board for them to friendly fire, but how often do you see that card in your hand and feel good about them? I do however agree with Dampening Wave. Nobody ever seems to be willing to try the card out, while not the best card magmar has, it definitely can pull through clutch.

Other cards to consider are Flash Reincarnations-helps decks with higher curves to have more reliable early plays)

Blistering Skorn- Instant Spirit Harvestor for much cheaper cost.

I would also swap 1x Eggmorph for 1x Thumping Wave.

LIke the originality, hope it servers you well.