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Warning - So I’m not really here to git gud. I’ve been playing Duelyst for hundreds of hours and I just love making quirky decks because I typically play strategy games for the fun of it. I honestly just wanna share strange decks I’ve never seen since I have a load of cards collecting dust. This deck is 100% based around interactions with Rizen and Chirpuka. Getting these two cards out as fast as possible while flooding the field with minions. A unique swarm deck in it’s own right, you will get destroyed by Shadow Creep and decks with cards like Plasma Storm and Breath of the Unborn.

So Rizen and Chirpuka are incredibly situational since they rely on opponent minion summons, so the goal is to summon minions for them! Komodo Hunter, Egg Morph, and Spriggin do this for you! These are typically hard cards to justify playing since they don’t really do much at the beginning plus the high cost make combos hard, hence Flash Reincarnation, Celebrant, and Kujata.

Tremor is preferred over a card like Natural Selection as you are much better off stalling than destroying as once you have 3 or 4 Rizen, you’re basically set.Godhammer and Razor Skin are purely included to counter Plasma Storm since Magmar seems to be a very popular faction in higher tiers. Luckily if you manage to make it a turn with Godhammer on, it also counters Breath of the Unborn. You can switch them out for other destruction cards according to your own preference. Egg Morph should do this just fine as the egg also procs Rizen’s and Chirpuka’s ability.

Celebrant is nice for the 4 health as its a nice meat shield in the first 2 turns plus it makes it much easier to play those high cost cards early, especially if you start on the right side.

First turn I typically play Entropic Gaze or Kujata. It’s then best to play Rizen then Flash Reincarnation Komodo Hunter(this turn) or Spriggin(next turn). You’ll find yourself around turn four predicting whether or not you can keep the tides in your favor. You usually either stomp the field or get burnt early. It could use some more draw due to how fast you usually play cards so Tectonic Spikes wouldn’t be bad to include. Mirkblood Devourer also wouldn’t be a terrible addition.

Like I said above, you’ll basically run train on the opponent or be at a complete loss early on. So I wouldn’t recommend this past R15. But when you get that Rizen combo running it is crazy satisfying. Thanks for viewing my dudes.

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Sounds fun! Is your ign elahn? Would like to watch some replays.

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My ign is the same as my forum name. Sadly I’m not playing it much right now however since I’m in Gold but here’s the best from recent!



You can change this into a pretty great grow shell.

Remove Tremor
Razor skin
Myotic. (you can actually keep the Spriggan because it synergizes with Chirp and Rizen)

Add: Molokoi. This will let your rizen eggs and chirpy minions grow the turn they are summoned if you force the summons.
Verdant fulmination.

Further optimization: Adding in lava lance and makantors. Dropping Gaze and miotic.

Edit: So this just occured to me. Mortar maw synergizes with spriggan and Komodo hunter


Monopolozing on the grow is actually a pretty great idea. My only worry with this is dropping the gaze. I suppose if Ragnora was switched out with Starhorn, it could be justified. Since it has so many mana shift cards, you can find yourself low on cards in your hand after around four turns.

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