Most Solid Faction Currently?


Hiya guys! So basically I’m a filthy casual who basically no one has ever heard of (bc ive nv posted here b4 LMAO) but anyhow this is my 6th season in the game and I’ve collected a solid pool of about 10K spirit. I’ve been using a Spellhai deck so far to push up to diamond rank. However, with this much to spend, I wanna ask a rather important question: what do you think is the most solid deck in the metagame? And why? Atm im sorta conflicted between heal lyonar and spell hai decks… anyone wanna state their opinion? Thanks so much guys!


Managlow is a good ressource for these questions and they say: Combohai (Tusk Boar + Mirror Meld), Midrange Zirix and Dervish Vet as Tier 1 and I pretty much agree with that.


Thanks man! I actually did take a look at managlow but i didnt really see anything bout stuff like this… probs need to take a look again. Tanks do!
But on a seperate note, why is it that the combohair is so effective?
Ive heard alot about it too and played around with it myself, however, i kinda feltlike it relied on getting the right cards…


Personally, I didn’t see combohai once(I did see a beastmaster combo deck but that’s not the deck we’re talking about) during my climb to S-rank last month so I’ve been really confused about that particular ranking. I did see a ton of Spellhai though and it seemed really powerful.

I would recommend you stick with Songhai, it seems you already have experience with the faction and the faction is always good. I’ve been playing for roughly 8 seasons and never once was Songhai considered weak.


Thanks for the help guys! Appreciate it!


You should wait for the managlow update this month, right now there are still the early september rankings up and they weren’t exactly accurate because shimzar shook up the meta alot and after like 7 days into the new meta even top players can’t tell with certainty whats going to be the best deck. Combohai for example has been hyped to heaven and after like 2 weeks it was pretty much dead. If you want a solid and reliable deck you should probably opt for vetruvian or kara. Spellhai is good as well ofc but its in the decks nature to be inconsistent as it depends alot on the draws it gets.


Vanar is sortof always the strongest faction. The decks are easy to build, have solid output, and a very flexible number of ways to build and play. Cards like Iceblade Dryad and Cryogenesis make it easy to create silly acceleration, and both Generals have some of the stronger Bloodborn spells available.

I don’t really recommend Heal Lyo (even though it’s one of my favorite decks.) It’s unintuitive, and at times just gets run over by aggressive starts. Most of the new tools are super dust/spirit intensive- and the deck can be frustratingly difficult to learn.