Most recent dev talk


I didn’t get the chance to tune in to the most recent dev talk, and i’m guessing lots of the forum goers didn’t get to either. So can someone who did watch it give us a rundown on all the important info they went over :smile:

On Sprites: An adventure in content

i don’t even know where to watch it, there’s so much information in Duelyst that i have to actually try hard to look, like tournaments and the like. i wish they try to bring people in with in game reminder or something like that. i mean i thought they wanted all the events they make to have a lot of people watching and joining ?


It was on the playduelyst twitch, and was announced on their twitter more than once


Hey guys, that was on me. It slipped my mind to put it into the news announcements, so I apologize for that.
As far as the vod if you’d like to watch it, you can find it here


i don’t use twitter though but i play duelyst, so…


Missed the talk as well. Knew it was on but didn’t have time to watch. Running the mouse over the video timeline, looks like its about art and maybe animation at a glance. I’ll give it a listen to, when I have time since it seems to be about an hour and 15 mins-ish long altogether.


A brief summary for non-native speakers would be great :wink:


Didn’t know about it, I do not use twitter.


Had no clue about it. Sad day :frowning:


I tuned in for a bit, they were animating some tentacle minion and talking about animation. Came in near the end though.


I can sum it up in english and you do the rest :wink:. So most of it is what you’ll probably expect, answering questions like how did their get into doing pixel art, what people can do to improve etc. As well as showing a bit of drawing and animation. Think the most interesting things that I picked up on was that the pixel art takes around 3 hours for Unseven (not including revisiting it if needed) once he has the idea of what the minion will look like. As well as Adam saying that 50% of the time he spends animating is just for the attack animation. Also one of them mentions that the Generals mark 2 (assuming its the cosmetic skins?) took about 30 hours each to animate which is a nice little fact.

I didn’t read the twitch chat replay or really looked at the drawing/animation they did because I was playing a game while having the video play in the background. But its something interesting to listen to, for people who are into art, animation or Duelyst for about 75 minutes.


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