Most disappointing experience?


Just like the title says, what was your worst letdown?

Mine is getting Ghost Azalea from Grincher. Even worse than losing a winning game to some crazy Songhai burst, is getting a card that reads “Equip: Waste 2 mana” when I was expecting something useful.


Learning that Dreadnaught was not a late game finisher we deserved.


Similar situation:
2 Gincherz in a Row, 2 Ghost Azalea in the same game. :frowning:


Had spells only for the first three turns even with replacing

I had 7 spells in that deck …


All the games where I drew all my midgame, then late game, then finally drew my 2 drops


having nothing but 4 mana cards on turn 1 then replacing into another 4 mana
i like 3x kelainos in deck, but having 3x in hand is too much


Shimzar orb openeng…


Shimzar in general - it’s made the game a lot scrubbier and more about luck than actual skill.


Any time I don’t have the removal for a fourwinds Magi, even while looking for it all game.


Getting 24 (!) Ace Battle Pets in my first 40 Shimzar Orbs.


I like turtles.


The current ladder experience. Answer or die, and card draw lottery.


Fixed for you :stuck_out_tongue:


Whenever I make a sloppy play due to forgetting to think which loses me the game


When I thought that mirage master gave the opponent a bloodfire totem when instead it just gave me one…


Iunno, I don’t recall any specific situations where I got disappointed where a card didn’t perform the way I wanted it to or something of that sort. When it comes to RNG, I’ve learned to not get too upset when it fucks me over. It’s usually people that disappoint me.


My life.

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Asides from any asinine play from my part… I thought it was disappointing that we do not get to have card frames that make it clear to which faction a card belongs. I was looking forward to seeing a cool frame for anything within my faction.


Discovering that Mirage Master copies damage before buffs.


Opponents that take a looooong time for the turn kill when they could obviously do it in one second/attack and the game keeping the “Concede” button greyed so I really have to wait for those a**holes to finish …

Why do people "pile on"?
Is it okay that you're not able to concede if the enemy had already queued their actions which lead to lethal and if not how should this issue be addressed?