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Most burst from hand for each faction


Nah, 2 draw was also in beta. In the Alpha of Duelyst Songhai was so good that they could often deal lethal damage by turn 2 as p2.


Completely agree with this, post, no one can really tell you. What happens is you play the game long enough and it becomes like a 6 sense to predict what the opponent might have in their hand, deck, how much of what card, what combo pieces and so on (at least in gold and beyond).


I go by: If they can have it, they have it.


Bonecrusher + Coporeal Cadence


I believe Abyssal Jugg is more common, although a turn slower


You have no idea how annoying this is, only ever happened to me once but I am still tilted to this day.


I’d like to add that control creep decks are usually very removal based. Lure, punish, munch (which also doubles as healing) are widely used.

So removing any non swarm board based threat shouldn’t be a problem.


There are some neat Combo decks that can kill very early:
P1 on 4 mana: Twin fang combo, Perfect dance of dreams.
5 mana: Perfect Abyss Hyper Swarm
6 mana: Mantra, Worldcore Golem Combo


Death Knell honorable mention?


Ah, how could I forget the beloved Knell Cheese, thank you.

All things maxed out with enough room a Death Knell bringing 3 Angry Bond Ladies into play is 24 damage out of hand if your field is empty, and becomes 24 + 3X where X is the number of additional arcanysts you control.


Not when it happens at 5 Mana (just one spike).


The best part is that it’s confusing because as soon as he hits the match is over. I’ve been accused of cheating because of that card :stuck_out_tongue:
Though… I also was accused of cheating for summoning a Heartseeker on Reva out of my action bar… The guy was convinced I had found a way to get my BBS without the timer…


The best burst damage in the game comes from Artifact Reva featuring Mask of Shadows. Combined with Bangle and other buff spells can easily have someone go to lethal range if they are healthy or simply just lethal them.


The thing is, a lot of healing comes attached to minions. See Healing Mystic and Azure Herald.


Blood rage also has some OTK potential as P2 if you leave a Catalyst Quillbeast up and in attacking range of your general (especially with flash reincarnation + Krater). I’d be cautious if your opponent opens up with Quillbeast, but i doubt that you will run into this sort of deck a lot.


From my (perhaps somewhat limited) personal experience, I feel it’s worth noting that the most common forms of burst are probably Magmar’s. Assume that every Starhorn has decimus and tectonic spikes, every Vaath has drogon, combo cards optional, and every Ragnora has greater fortitude plus one of several egg-hatching cards. Oh, and they all have Makantor warbeasts.


lmao i thought this said “more burst from hand for each faction” and got very worried


We can’t have more when there are several infinite combos implemented.


Im fairly sure there is only one infinite combo? are there others apart from triple kujata + twin fang + sand burrower?


Vetruvian - Bone Swarm
Lyonar - Tempest and Holy Immolation
Songhai - Nearly the entire faction is burst capable
Vanar - Faie BBS is the most common use
Abyssian - Desolator, Dark Seed, Void Pulse, Grasp of Agony
Magmar’s have been listed

These are just the common ones, from what I experience.