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Most burst from hand for each faction


I see, but that would require the Thunderhorn to stick on board right? Ill definitely try to keep in mind to not place my minions in a lane against vet then (Same I would do against vanar in a vertical line I guess). Sure Ill add you!


The most basic skill of avoiding OTK is actually to not allow anything stick. One just can’t learn all the ridiculous combos any faction can pull off if there’s something on board.


Yeah it would have to stick, but the opponent can put it in a dumb, far away place since it’ll be able to do that from range, so if you don’t have a way to instantly remove a 4 health minion, the best way around it is positioning


Im playing an abyssian shadow creep list right now, I cant always afford to remove everything, and sometimes I need to choose between healing myself or adding pressure on the board. Like I said I played hearthstone so I know the basics but theres just so many small decisions that can be influenced by the reach the opponents has


I feel like if you HAVE to heal then things were already going sideways unless its mantra or decihorn and you are above half of max HP.


Don’t even sweat about Vanar’s combos, staying on their side plays around the most consistent ones. Otherwise they require boards to deal lots of damage so they resort to chip. No one and I mean no one plays charge + skorn.

Songhai and Magmar are the only factions with lots of out of hand burst that you have to play around based on health.


Well the thing is healing can be the difference between the extra turn I need to draw into an obliterate, denying his lethal on me. or healing could be the turn I wasted not developping a minion where he just out tempos me with stronger minions


Hey, I’m not no one T-T
I think.
Decks have to be cheesy to taste good

I do agree with this assessment though, playing around health is predominantly done with those factions


The few people who play it put weigh the amount that don’t.


I would still say that things are already going sideways if you have to rely on topdeck to win. With that being said, stalling is always better than re establishing board if top decking is the only way you see victory.


That is only true if the enemy has burst as an out though. If he cant burst me Ive 0 reasons to heal and much rather play a minion


Yes the game is not in a favorable position but from what Ive read here I would more often go for heal over minions vs songhai and magmar versus Ill play more often a minion against other Factions


Well thats extremely dependent on the matchup, if against lyo, they can just play oath and stock up on burst card or maybe against vanar with no draw at all and even then only certain lyo decks run oath so u could be right in playing a minion.

Or maybe its songhai and you can’t tell if that one card in their hand is a pf, a zendo or a kamehameha. If its aggro reva it could be a kame, if kaleos it could be a zendo, the situations differ.

Im not trying to convince u to play healing with all these statements, I’m just saying to approach things on a case by case basis with a hearty meta knowledge in hand. Whether to establish board and try to beat them down with that or topdeck lethal stalling as long as you can until you find it is dependent on the matchup.


idk dude, duelyst is a game where that question will have different answers for different board states.
for example, magmar has this minion called drogon that doubles general’s attack. alone, you can expect 4-8 damage. if you let him have two, you can expect around 16+ damage.

or lyonar’s divine bond: the enemy having a high-health minion vs a low-health one is the difference that determines if you’ll be getting killed the next turn.

it’s better to consider the turns and mana count
by 6 mana, an aggro enemy with perfect play can kill you.
by 7 mana, an aggro enemy has a good chance.
by 8 mana, a control deck with perfect play can kill you.
by 9 mana, a control deck is probably toying with you.


just trust me on this one. everyone’s just telling you the play-by-play of things. and well, knowing the play-by-play of things, that’s a skill you’ll need to understand the offhand damage you’ll be expecting. you’re better off learning the different decks(mostly by experience) people run so you can predict those yourself.


3x 1 mana PFs, 1x 1 mana 8g8s and 1x 2 mana PF BBS

the horror…


There where 3 decks in the entirety of Duelysts life time that would consistently kill a player by 6.


I think two of them were oct reva and pre nerf variax? I wasn’t in the meta (for variax) also kittycats?


October’s Reva, Alpha Songhai and Entropic Starhorn.


What was alpha songhai…unless u mean hai during 2 draw?