Most AWESOME game


This Game was against abbyssian with my AWESOME deck. He upgraded his BBS faster than me, but i had bloodmoon priestess so after putting AWESOME card i upgraded all wraithlings created by Priestess. Also it was very fun game, i almost killed her and it was 6 health but after putting Sister she was able to become 25 health. So more facts than text :smile: :

Oh yeah i won the game


Pretty dope ! I just had a game where I spawned 10+ Fiends and an overpowered Juggernaut, it was damn fun too. Ven the opponent was laughing lol


Lol!! I tried making an Abyssian deck after expac, didn’t go well since I’m lacking some important (and expensive) cards, but it was lot of fun. Your screenshot is crazy lol


So jealous w your Grandmaster :smile: she’s awesome. Not like Embla here… So much expectation…


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