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More Vanar decks! Intensify and Sleetdasher!

I’m back with more Vanar decks now featuring some of my favorite minions, Riftwalker, Protosensor and Sleetdasher.
Both are a little memey but they can easily compete at S-Rank.
Without further ado lets get to the deck lists.

First one is my favorite because of the combo potential but the second one is definitely refreshing to play.
As always any recommendations/advice is appreciated. Try them them out and let me know what you think guys!
They are both pretty straight forward to play but I’ll post a guide for each on duelspot later.


Cheap Vanar decks :sweat:


Overdrive is a pretty neat card. Sleet/Courage is super fun but is largely a meme and IMO is better suited for Kara.

I never had much luck with Intensify Vanar, but more power to you if you can make it work. Overdrive has largely been overtaken by the C-potential version of the deck, but this one still has its own appeal.

You inspired me to update my old Wailing Overdrive list, so now we have something to compare with:

You also seem to be drawing closer and closer to another one of the top tier Vanar Decks which is proper tempo faie. (The others being various Winters Wake set ups, Midrange Faie Walls without wake, and aggro.) There are quite a few different ways to build it, but here is the one I recently put together:


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