More UI enhancements: First release of my addon pack!


Hey guys!

just wanted to let you know of my brand new plugin pack that will enhance your UI!

Current features:

  • Info box that gives you an overview about game-steps left for you & which minions are not exhausted yet
  • Display the time left in the current turn (added to the submit-turn button)
  • Auto expand the battlelog (if enabled) as the match starts
  • Ingame display for the progress of “Ultimate aggressor” and “Assassin” quest
  • Desktop Toaster notification if the game is in background as your turn starts

Consider this release a beta, but I urgently need people to test this and give me feedback on bugs and tell me their opinion.

If you want to see the code, download the archive from my project wiki (where you can also find everything about my effort in reverse engineering the duelyst client files):
or goto my github repo:
I will push every stable state to that repo.

If you want to test the addon pack, you will also find the installation instructions in the download section of the project wiki

I also started a reddit if you want to read more:

Toaster notification:

UI elements:


Oh man, this is great, can’t wait to try it out.


Is there a way just to get the notifications? I’d really love it, but as for the other stuff, in-game overlays for games like these leave a bad taste in my mouth. Regardless of that, though, well done!


Yes that’s possible. There is a config area at the end of the second script (plugins_after_duelyst.js).


Just set everything but turn_notifier to false.


	active: {
		disable_version_check	:	        false, // you should perhaps leave this false anyway for being notified of updates
		expand_battlelog	:		false,	
		turn_notifier		:		true,
		print_turntime_left	:		false,
		actions_left_info	:		false,
		ig_special_quest_info	:		false

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: