More of a Rant... Sorry for the harsh truth


So I’ve been loyally playing Duelyst and advocating this game since it was manifested long ago. Ever since the Bandai Namco acquisition, I’ll be honest. The servers don’t run as well, I rarely play the game now especially after the 4 different key nonsense (While I did log in today and they did give me keys for all 15 chest to finally open, all chest had absolutely nothing I wanted, would of been nice to get orbs, tickets for arena or something) and lastly seems like mobile support is never going to happen.

I’ve always loved this game, and it was very different and more tactical then Hearthstone and more exciting to play then that stale MTGO, which has really become more and more of a money grab throughout the years. Just sad to see it go the way it went.

Anyways I’m done. That is my feedback, take it or leave it.


I’m sorry what? Nothing here seems like a legitimate reason to stop playing the game apart from the servers issue (which is on the community, not the dev team) and the rest is a rant about how free crates didn’t give you what you wanted. And it’s not like the crates would’ve given you orbs or gauntlet tickets. It says it on the crate description(s); X cosmetic items. The boss crate being the only exception so no expectations should’ve been had there


I was expecting some rant to go with my popcorn but this seems like a mild complaint.


Hit 4 of those “HIT A SNAG” server error’s tonight, I think it is quite a bit more then a mild complaint. If the game is unplayable due to server errors, which I personally never experienced prior to this Bandai Namco change it is time to retire this game again.

Back to Hearthstone it is it seems :frowning:


I would agree with you if we were talking about a game like Hearthstone experiencing such server issues which is unacceptable considering their resources and could only be the result of incompetence.

But. Since we are talking about Duelyst where worse issues have occurred in the not so distant past (see dropping ranks bug), I would definitely file this as mild complaint. I see so many people criticize CPG for Duelyst’s various issues the most common of which is the absence of an unranked queue and at the same time fail to recognize that in more than one ways, this game is slowly rotting.

  • There is barely a playerbase to support new expansions as seen by recent decisions to shift from three times a year expansion to two times a year
  • Queuing times are horrendous sometimes getting to the point where they are longer than the actual match itself
  • Dev teams are periodically shrinking
  • Absence of a community manager or support member being active on forums/reddit/discord to officially process support issues as well to maintain decorum of some kind on said platforms

And in more recent news, well, there’s actually been no news whatsoever in recent times other than suspicions that resources previously assigned for Duelyst are now slowly being reassigned to “Project Aperion” as evident by rumors of former Duelyst community manager ThanatosNoa being rehired after just quitting (or being fired) to work on this Project Aperion.

In fact, even if you look for news all the way back since May, nothing explicitly positive will come up, merely vague promises that can easily be broken to temporarily calm their meager playerbase.

So when you say this is a serious issue, I wish I could agree with you, but that’s really not the case here. Maybe play some Hearthstone for now, I have recently seen some advertisements promoting their new expansion, that would certainly be more fun than playing this game at the moment where we still have to wait 3 more months until the next expansion.


The crates are only supposed to drop cosmetic items. Either you’re horribly misinformed or the pettiest person in the world.


Drop the is you’ve got to be grammatically correct on these threads man


I must’ve been out of my mind.


bruh just click ok… you still get the win and quest progress. i mean, idk. i’d rather after-game errors over blizzard crashing my game mid arena matches.


whenever someone comes onboard with these kinds of pedantic complaints attempting to justify quitting the game i always wonder if they also do this with superhero movies and girlfriends

oh man since this girl started working for bandai it just hasnt been the same (proceeds to not state reason why), and lately she gave me a bunch of happy presents, but not a single one of them was money, this shit is wrecked i need to leave

edit: also, the snags literally do nothing- you would’ve noticed if you had any will of staying instead of dropping at the first detraction


I feel like you guys are too aggressive here.
First, girlfriend is bit more important than a game, so you’re kinda supposed to drop games easier. And there’s nothing wrong in wanting more free orbs instead of profile icons.
Second, if you all think OP is wrong, wouldn’t it be better to ignore and let him leave rather then criticize and try to bring him back?
Finally, screw Bandai, let him say they are bad, even if reasoning is off.


Well, obviously, but in what planet is that a good enough reason to quit the game altogether?

We’re just giving our opinions. If the OP didn’t want to hear them, he shouldn’t have made a post on the forums in the first place.


There is (was) a certain forum member who was all like “I think what I think don’t @ me I AdBlock you anyways”, so…


man i just didnt advocate crate key abolition for this nonsense :confused:


That’s him. I’m me.


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