More cards in hand?


Am I the only one who thinks 6 cards is too low of a limit ?

Especially for control and especially when cards like Trinity Oath draw you half of it ?

Just a thought.


Except for Songhai :slight_smile: I don’t want to wait and watch them throw like 10 cards one by one to my face in just a single turn


This is one of those rare cases where you might actually be the only one! I personally like the limitation a lot; makes choosing what to replace a really important decision.


I like the way Magic the gathering does it, 7 is the limit but you only need to discard extras at the end of your turn, not when you draw them.

Maybe I’m really alone here. :cry:


Imagine how would you feel, when both you and you opponent are topdecking with 1 cards left, and then suddenly they use rite of the undevault to refill their hand, with 6 cards in hand it’s still somewhat acceptable, but more are just plain ridiculous


Having a 6 card limit is one of the main reasons that a control game in duelyst is mainly non-existant. Controlddecks prefer to stack up there hand so that they can have effective responses and follow up plays but in duelyst if you choose to play control your either getting milled or you have a hand full of removals which makes it awkward. I would prefer a 10 card hand like hearthstone but this would require reworking on cards such as rite of the undervault. I dont see an issue with making the card "draw 6 cards"or something along the lines. It will be like how ancestral divination was reworked dueto the creation of the card koan of horns.


Amount of cards is good, fine, perfect. Draw too.


I dont see an issue with making the card "draw 6 cards"or something along the lines.


Also, when you play control you should NOT reach top deck mode for all the reasons that @owlington said, so a card like Rite of the Undevault would only draw you 10 cards ( if not reworked ) in aggro or mid-range. And even then they would have at most 3 mana in late game where it is basically a dead turn ( and you as a control player would have a constant 6/7 cards, including board clears etc).


How would an empty card slot more make that decision less important?


Because there’s more of a limit to how many answer you can hold onto at any one time. If I can only keep 5 cards in my hand during my turn to avoid milling I only have 5 options to replace with. If I can have 7 I suddenly have 6 options to replace with, making it easier to hold back cards that I don’t need right away.


I would argue that having the ability to keep cards that are not immediately needed is exactly what does enable macro decision making and thus a control play style while being forced to replace for low cards that I can throw onto the board just to avoid getting milled does the opposite.


You won’t hear me arguing that low hand sizes are better for control play styles. The Duelyst approach seems to be more of a “pray my refuel cards get me the answers I need” type of deal.

But I do dig that feeling of dread every time I’m forced to replace an answer to dig for a threat, for example. Reading the play state and responding to it within very narrow constraints is something I like about this game.


I think the game is balanced with respect to the current hand size, adding more cards may break some delicate equilibrium. In particular, an extra slot would make the replace mechanic too valuable, because it would be easier to have dead cards in hand. I don’t say it’s a horrible suggestion, but several factors must be considered.

I do agree that the “draw 3 cards” effects are overshooting. I think no other card game has effects which allow one to refill half of the hand


As a guy who likes control decks, I agree with you. Tbh I don’t see much problems with increasing it, the only problem is rite of the undervault. And like mentioned, just change it to draw 6/7? Somewhere there instead of a 10 card draw. I think changing it to 10 might be fine, or at least more than6.

Cause it’s funny how when I want to keep answers to counter their upcoming play, sometimes I am forced to replace my answers and end up needing it later and couldn’t draw it back. Reverse might happen if I kept a lot of my answers and tried replacing one of them to get my cards to play on curve and still couldn’t get it, end up losing cause I fall behind too much. With more cards, this will happen less cause you’re holding more cards; hence, more options.


I wanted to be able to choose the card that would be destroyed when the hand was full (once I cried when I saw that the card destroyed was our savior the mankantor)


MtG is a bad comparison point because that game has land, which naturally eats up a portion of your hand/deck. A 7 card opening hand in MtG is maybe 4-5 actual cards and 2-3 land, depending on your deck/curve.

Worth considering that the hand size limit in Duelyst actually balances the power of cards like Trinity Oath since the power is scaled down if you’re forced to mill yourself playing it early. Sojourner is a good example actually; if you play it at the wrong time - or in the wrong place - your opponent can mill you and reduce the value of the card.


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