Monthly Wanderer Complaining thread


Start of the month…blah blah blah…Wanderer…blah blah blah…infestation…blah blah blah…


Serious speech. I find fault and ripper more toxic than wanderer.


Serious talk, I find Cancer to be worse than Aids.


Blah blah also delete Magmar


Make this shit daily, thank you.


Nerf burn. And 8 G8s. Delete Magmar. Makantor Op. Rebuke unfair. Kha Ka no skill. Wanderer sucks. Rant rant rant.


Q4 content when?
Dying Wish Vet support when?


Of couse I remember this great thread, and I really like it, and I keep thinking, man, I’d like to see child art of Wanderer (I cant make my own stuff look like child art because, you know, Im not one), but these threads make me think Im never gonna get it :sweat_smile:


Dis iis how zhe Margmar has to work! 15 char

Laying some eggs on Vaath daddys doormat.


Look at how good her color choices are. She’s destined to be an artist.


I remember when threads like this would simply evaporate into the æther…

But now, such threads are our only source of sanity these days…


How could I miss it? It’s awesome!


Bwahaha, I’m surprised people here still remember that thread, brings a smile to my face, which is good because I was sad over Wanderer. My daughter continues to draw, she has now upgraded to her own comic books, I couldn’t be more proud.


Wow that sounds amazing! I remember the drawings from last year, they provided so much fun :slight_smile:


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