Monthly Card Set: Teamwork!


removed. unbalanced.


So for the orbital marines, is it that every marine spawns two marines at the end of the turn?
Because that seems broken as hell if you cant immediately deal with all three initial marines, they would just multiply indefinitely…

Just imagine that in the hands of Kara, holy hell 0_0


Yeah, gonna be honest. Most of these are unhilariously broken.

You do realize this is a 4 mana 7/8 on its first turn, right? Ash Mesphyt is crying in a corner somewhere. Even if you killed the legionnaires, thats pretty insane value.

There is already a 3 mana 2/2 “Summon a copy” Even with the dervish synergy taken into consideration, this is beyond bonkers as this procs every end-of-your-turn for each Marine.

assuming you changed the name of ‘Scryomancer’ to ‘Occulomancer’ So a 6 mana 4/5, that summons another 6 mana 4/5 that then jumps around the board. For all intents and purposes this is a better Slithar Elder, since it’s cheaper and the body it spawns is much more durable than an egg.


They all seem like a bit to good of value, but they could be balanced.


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