Monthly Card Set: Portals!


New Keyword: Portal

Portal: A tile based effect that minions can move into. Friendly units can move through friendly portals, but this consumes a movement point.

Highland Thundermage
2 Mana
Opening Gambit: Spawn a Portal on any tile. At the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to a random enemy on or near a Portal.

He commands magic far beyond his own understanding. They all do.

Portal Mechanyst
4 Mana
Opening Gambit: Spawn a Portal on any tile. Blood Surge: Spawn a Portal tile nearby.

A master mechanyst piloting his invention while using magics beyond his comprehension and all science. Ironic.

Ethereal Crusader
5 Mana
Opening Gambit: Spawn a Portal on any tile and under this minion. Blood Surge: Teleport all minions around this one to a Portal of your choice.

“What my Astral foe creates, I tear asunder; what he destroys, I will restore.”

Heralds (from Jaenis):

Herald of War
At the end of your turn, deal 2 damage to a random enemy.

“The first Herald came forth in an explosion of fire, bearing a coiled sword and hellfire shield…”

Herald of Famine
At the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to the enemy General and restore 1 health to your General.

“The second Herald coalesced into existence, declaring the death of crops everywhere…”

Herald of Conquest
At the start of your turn, spawn a 1/1 Wraith next to this minion.

*“The third Herald marched forth, commanding an army of wraithes…”

Gain +1/+1 per Wraith.

Herald of Death
Forcefield. Destroy any minion that’s damaged by this one.

“The final herald came, and the clouds began to break…”

Jaenis, The Void
8 Mana
Opening Gambit: Summon a random Herald on every Portal Tile.

“…and thus, as Jaenis appeared from the fractured skies, the world began to end.”

The goal was to create a keyword that interacted with the board more. So: Portals! Hopefully, this was interesting enough to create food for thought.



I love your ideas. Please apply for a job at CP.




Thanks for the support!


Nice concepts, not only do more tile-base effects sound welcoming, but even the details are solid :grinning: (ex: the legendary minion summoning the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse through portals).


Sounds very interestiong. Do generals have an ability to go through portals? You may consider an idea of making portals teleport something on top of it at the end of each (or each your) turn. This adds a nice layer of complexity, but idea is yours so you are to decide.
And again, very good consept.


4/4 4 mans
While on the field friendly minions can move on one portal to teleport to another


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