Monthly Card Set: Mana Adepts


Since we didn’t get a set of monthly cards for the new year, I got thinking…

So as you all know, Mana Tiles are still Mana tiles after they’re captured. What if then, we made a set of cards that revolved around these tiles?

Keyword: Attuned (X). Activated when next to, or on a Mana tile. Keep in mind, when the Mana tile is gone (by dispel or whatnot), so are the effects. This cannot stack.

Novice Arcanyst
2 Mana
Attuned: At the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to a random enemy.
“Someday, I’ll be a real Arcanyst!”

A nameless disciple, enticed by stories of The Weeping Tree, studying to become the greatest Arcanyst ever known. For now however, the best he can do is conjure some fireworks.

An ideal opener, especially for both players. Good stats with a decent effect throughout the game.

5 Mana
Attuned: Gain Rush. At the start of your turn, return this minions to your hand.
“For Rasha.”

It is known that Rasha had a sect of elite assassin spies loyal only to him, named the Kurikan, or Swift Wind, formed from the legendary Swords of Akrane; their jobs were to eliminate any opponents standing against the Lord Marshall.

Note that the latter effect doesn’t activate if the Player uses Rush to bring him outside the range of a Mana Crystal, forcing people to make some tactical choices regarding positioning. Also, if the minion isn’t played next to or on a mana tile, this doesn’t have Rush.

Arcane Artificer
4 Mana
Opening Gambit: Equip Manablade.
“See that my creation does not go to waste.”

0 Mana
Your General gains Attuned: Gain +Attack equal to your unspent Mana Crystals.

Using the magical sap of Eyos itself, this artificer prides himself in creating some of the most exotic weapons in Aestaria. For the right coin, anything can be crafted…

A more interesting card, obviously meant for the mid to late game. Although this can give you up to +9 damage, you are leashed to the mana tiles, and your attack during your opponent’s turn may be very low, depending on how much mana you spent on your turn.

Lord Marshall Rasha
6 Mana
Opening Gambit: Spawn an empty Mana Tile under this minion. Attuned: Gain +3/+3.
“Anything for Aestaria.”

The infamously legendary Rasha enters the field! It is said that to defeat Sargos the emperor, he broke off branches of the Weeping Tree and consumed the magical sap. Although this gave him immense power, it eventually drove him mad.

Obviously, this buffs all the other Attuned minions by giving them more room to activate their abilities instead of just being leashed to the middle. Additionally, Rasha uses Mana Tiles to empower himself, giving you an edge in battle.


I suppose if they made mana tiles unreplacable by shadow creep (and maybe even undispellable?), this could be a really cool, viable strategy. Also, I would bind the mana tile creation to a cheaper spell* rather than a legendary creature. a lot more practical for combos, which you would be trying to do.

*Besides, Rasha is supposed to be an IMMENSELY powerful warrior. A 6 mana 6/6 with no offensive abilites doesn’t sound very immensely powerful to me. This effect seems more fitting for a sort of meditator or a druidic type of character, if it had to be bound to a creature. Just my opinion though.


Super cool ideas, I would love to see new mechanics being added in


Nice idea mate, making mana tiles valuable when it’s already depleted :slight_smile: I’d suggest the effect may only trigger when the minion is standing on the tile.


Would be a pretty interesting keyword, i actually hope they are going to implement something like this.
(Ryv pls show this ideas to the cardcreation guys lol)


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