Monthly Card Set: Cartography!


Since we’re all waiting on patch, I got thinking about some card ideas…

(NOTE: Last one was horrible. Never doing that again. Ugh.)

Theme: Cartography. Basically, get moving.


Novice Cartographer
1 Mana
Gain +1/+1 whenever this minion moves to a new tile. (This means to a tile that this minion hasn’t been on in this game.)
"I always wanted to see the world. This wasn’t quite how I imagined it though.

A slower, cheap minion that gradually becomes a huge threat.


Bedouin Rider
2 Mana
This minion can move 1 more tile. After moving, gain +1 Attack this turn.
“I was molded by the sands, grew with the horses, raised by the sword, and yet you think you can challenge me?”

A card that’s good for extending your reach, as well as trading in earlier turns.


Stampeding Takin
4 Mana
Gain +1 Attack per tile moved this turn.
“And then I saw over the mountains, a group of stampeding takins…the whole village was gone soonafter.”

How would this work with Flying? Well, when you click on a Flying unit to move it, you will notice an arrow and line from the minion to your destination. Count those tiles. Otherwise, just a fun minion that capitalises on you moving this minion.


Lanius, Scion of Skies
6 Mana
Flying. Your General has Flying.
“You only exist because I allow it, and you will die because I decreed it so; I am the Scion of Skies, and all shall know my might.”

A fun card to say the least, but the Flying goes away if this minion is dispelled, potentially screwing your General over. Still, opens up more tactical choices for players.

I’ll be working on pixel art for Bedoiun Rider, so stay tuned!



Better than the last one. Also does the “new tile” effect stay the same through mirror meld, consuming rebirth, and other copies of the minion?


Yes to all of them, but to make this clear if the Cartographer dies and you summon another one, he won’t have the same stats as the last one (duh). That’d be broken.


what captures me has always been the quotes under all of them, really like those.


I mean if a Cartographer has been on the top Mana Tile, and another Cartographer moves there, does the second Cartographer get the bonus? I would also make it so that any square triggers this effect, in order to avoid memory mind games.


Stampeding Takin:
Double Ghost Lynx + Magnetize Combo


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