Monolith's Legacy (6 Month World Duelyst Circuit) Introductory Post!


Hiya everyone, Alexicon1 here.

So recently I’ve been working to create a championship circuit in which players represent their country/regions (Europe, Asia, America, etc.) and duel each other in a competition akin to a World Cup. Because of the magnitude of a competition like this, I would like to gauge interest to see whether it is worth going ahead.

If it does go ahead, it will begin January 2017 and continue for a 6-month series in which players battle to qualify for their regions and then for the title of World Champions (region-wise). As Duelyst plays host to a wide range of ethnicities and backgrounds, I would hope we would get players from all over the globe to enter the competition. So, without further ado, I present to you, the format for Monolith’s Legacy!

First Month: Regional Qualifier #1
With a number of people representing segments of their regions (see the map below) a certain number of people would qualify from each part of the region (up to 32, 8 per mini-region, will advance to the second qualifier. Each tournament up to and including Regional #4 will be double elimination

Northern America - 8 Players Advance
Caribbean - 8 Players Advance
Central America - 8 Players Advance
South American - 8 Players Advance

Eastern Asia - 8 Players Advance
Sth-Central Asia - 8 Players Advance
Japan - 8 Players Advance
Western Asia - 8 Players Advance

Eastern Europe - 8 Players Advance
Northern Europe - 8 Players Advance
Western Europe - 8 Players Advance
Southern Europe - 8 Players Advance

Northern Africa - 8 Players Advance
Eastern Africa - 8 Players Advance
Western Africa - 8 Players Advance
Southern Africa - 8 Players Advance

Australia & NZ - 8 Players Advance
Pacific Islands - 8 Players Advance
South-Eastern Asia - 8 Players Advance
Melanesia - 8 Players Advance

Second Month: Regional Qualifier #2
This is where the qualifiers begin to cut down the number from 32 to 16. The winners of the previous qualifiers are granted immunity from elimination and are not required to compete in this month’s qualifier. This is to provide motivation for playing beyond qualifying for the Top 8, as well as potential prizes. So this now becomes 28 to 12 as players are granted immunity. There is no set quota from each mini-region from here on out, so it is only the best players that advance.

Third Month: Regional Qualifier #3
The 16 players from the previous tournament are cut down to 8, however the Top 2 in the Qualifier #2 are granted immunity and are not required to compete. This means that 14 players are competing for 6 spots, and the immunity winners from Qualifier #1 now must compete or forfeit their position. The winner of this Qualifier is granted immunity from the next qualifier, subsequently guaranteeing a place in their region’s team.

Fourth Month: Regional Qualifier #4
The 8 players that advanced from Qualifier #3 will be cut down to 4, but because the winner was granted immunity, it is now 7 players fighting for 3 spots. The Top 3 from this competition join the winner from Qualifier #3 to be the representatives of their region.

Fifth Month: Wildcard Qualifier
This is a Swiss competition for any player that is currently not in a team for the Monolith’s Legacy finals to attempt to gain a spot. The Top 4 in this Swiss competition become a Wildcard team and will compete in the finals.

Sixth Month: Grand Finals
The six teams will fight over the entire final month, with teams being eliminated at each stage. For the first week, 4 teams will fight for 2 spots. The two teams that have the highest cumulative Duelyst rank at the conclusion of the previous season will be exempted from playing in the first round. In the second week, the 4 teams will cut down to 2 teams. One week break will ensue, then the grandfinals will be held. The formats for the Finals month is a best-of-7 format where teams elect a player to play a game without knowledge of who the other team has elected. 1 decklist per player will be required.

I hope you enjoyed the introduction to Monolith’s Legacy, and feel free to offer critiques and suggestions, and definitely convey interest, as otherwise this competition will not run. Be sure to ask questions, and I will deign to ask as many as possible!

Until next time,


Sounds Great, I’m all in


That sounds super cool but I am honestly worried that there wont be enough representatives for most of the countries. I think you might need to downscale it a bit. Another idea I just had is allow people to play for countries that they don’t live in. Most of us likely live in the US, but if I wanted to support Germany(where I grew up) then I would be happy to.


Wow, that would be cool. I’d love to play for the US


That’s honestly a good idea. As the idea is in pre-alpha right now, I’m happy to tinker with it to make it work. Thanks!


I’m all for it.

I think only allowing players to fill gaps when contries need another player will work.

I have some ideas that might make the deck diversity a little more than what it currently is.

Would there be ban lists?
Can’t play more than X different neutral cards.
Have to play at least X different neutral cards.
Can’t play more than 2x of any card.
Deck has to include X card(s).

Just ideas. I’ll sign up either way :slight_smile:


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