Monolith Guardian Boss Battle Has Arrived!


The guardian waits stoically for his next challenge, are you up to the task?

Boss Battle Poll(s)

this one was a really nice challenge, luckily it doesn’t know the power of divine bond :smile:


Still pretty easy, but it definitely caught me off guard the first time. Again, Obelysk Vetruvian squeezes out a boss victory on the first try.


the twist at the end really suprised me. i had to claw my way up from 4 hp to beat him




everyone is trying to make a spoiler-free spoiler here.

The twist makes up for his slight lack of challenge. I don’t mean it’s completely easy, but a lot of people managed to beat him on their first try.
The mechanics that the bosses presented are cool also, and I hope we could see those mechanics implemented in the game somewhere in the future.

It would be really nice if there is a optional “hardcore” mode for this boss, like with crazier stats and more minions on his start at the start of the game.

So far, I love the boss fights very much and I wish to see more of them. Keep up the good work CPG!


Had a lot of fun with this one, thanks!


this one was much stronger, but he still doesn’t understand how bloodmoon priestess works :confused:


i personally didn’t see his assimilation ability until phase 2. I ended up giving him 2 aymara healers because i didn’t know the mechenics


I loved this one way more than Calibero and the surprise was really nice, plus the Sarlac meme early was on point :heart:

Keep them coming!


Used Healyonar. Got to 23 Attaack.

Thanks Boss AI.


imagine if the next boss uses that strategy… then equips wildfire ahnk


Well, looks like my Sarlac strategy does not work against this one :sweat_smile:. However, forcefield still works great.

I find that the best strategy against this boss is to get him to under 10 health. This will prompt his AI to run away, letting you take a breather and set up on the board before the bad times begin.

@oranos This boss can use wildfire ankh though…


i know… i had a bad time when he hid behind his minions while blasting mine


Doesn’t really use it perfectly, could have went face and dealt last 4 damage with it but instead decided to kill my brother’s minion


Took a while before I read the description too. Interesting effect.

Failed with my Starhorn Khymera deck. Giving cards while he steals Khymera and makantor then pinging with mini-jaxis didn’t end well.
Switched to Vaath and then smashed him.


Took me 7 tries, but beat him with Cass Variax deck with 5 hp left =)


Fun and challenging :slight_smile: very creative effects, I would totally main Monolith…


This saved me tbh, I had two of them next to me and I had a wall of minions protecting me lol. I managed to beat him pretty easily because of that :stuck_out_tongue:


Cassy Variax seems to be pretty swell against him as well…