Moments You Felt Stupid


Post some moments where you felt absolutely stupid

I will share mine:
My battlepets got lethal before I even thought it was possible…
Being outsmarted by 4 battlepets made me feel like an idiot
I just sat at my monitor wondering how the hell they pulled off lethal for a good 2 minutes


I tried to bm by using altered beast and instead provoked the arctic displacer that had lethal.


missing BM because of lethal… ahhh karma


Back in the day when Spirit of wild cost 4 mana and you could pull off the old Rhyno combo for 14. I had exact lethal and said well played, went face on him except he had a Red Synja sitting right next to him while my Rhyno attacked. RIP.


More like missing lethal because of bm.


I try to forget my worst mistakes but there have been some really annoying ones recently.

Taygete in particular screws me up. The number of times Ive planned out my turn, gone to move my minions, only to remember I needed to play my damage-based removal first or the minions by taygete take damage is too many.

Also, with Songhai’s beholder I had a serious duh moment recently. It says ‘make a unit unable to MOVE’ or something that explicit. But since such a thing had never been done before (except for sand trap but who has time for sand trap? Not even arcanyst vet, which means absolutely no one) I stupidly presumed it was a stun effect (incidentally, when did they change bonechill barrier’s tool tip to ‘stuns nearby enemy minions who deal damage to it??’ It was ‘freeze’ before even though the two mechanics are entrely the same except for the animation…).
Anywho, it’s not a stun effect. And the minion I parked by the lantern fox I thought I had stunned was attacked, and the resulting pheonix fire contributed a lot to me losing that game ;.;


i was playing magmar against a cassy with lots of creep and had her so that she was standing next to creep with taygete in hand, i tried to kill her with her own creep by suiciding taygete into it, the only way i could win, and forgot that it triggers at the end of HER turn. i felt kind of dumb afterwards


Replace Effects in general chronically mess me up. First, it was White Widow, a powerful card In gauntlet. My Scrolls (here rests a great game) instincts tell me to replace before making any play. As such, I always, without fail, manage to miss out on 2 damage the turn she is played and ping before increasing her likelihood of hitting something impactful. Now, I’m reluctant to include Kron on any of my decks since I know that I will miss out on countless Prisoners.


Not mine but:

Poor enemy tried to Zen’rui his own Bloodstone Totem.



My opponent use Nature’s Confluence and summon 4 Fog (1/1), and I drop a Revenant using Darkfire Sacrifie to watch him suffer in the next turn.


That is not really a stupid mistake Ono ur part, but a smart move on your part.


Used a consuming rebirth, then Lilith’s BBS. Wraith ling spawned on top of the rebirth spot and I lost a perfectly good minion because I didn’t do it first


Waaaay back when it was 2 draw, I missed lethal because I tried to be cheeky and buff a sworn avenger for lethal by chromatic colding my face.(He had 3 hp, avenger at 2 atk.)

Chromatic cold doesn’t hurt friendlies, as it turns out.


It was last month, I was playing my stupid Paddo avalanche deck against Envy. I drop Paddo and the enemy general got teleported 2 space away near Paddo, next turn tried to run away from Paddo to his side because he had only 12 hp left and summoned a 2/1 to block Paddo.
Now all I had to do was to attack the 2/1 with my general, move paddo to her side of the field(he was on my side) and spirit of the wild for the win. Instead I was so excited I actually moved Paddo 1st to the middle column.
TL,DR: Had a Paddo lethal but managed to screw it because of the hype.FeelsBadMan.


Forgetting to plug in the power cord to the coffee pot before pressing the on button and returning ten minutes later to no coffee… :sob:


Crafting second Unseven, lol


Bought twenty new orbs - forgot to click Shim’Zar beforehand.


Ahhhh humans, occasionally not being able to see whats in front of them


The excitation was too high :<


I tend to disagree,crafting my 3d copy of unseven,thankfully one was for free is not something i will soon regret.

I really felt stupid when i tried to use a vanar buff deck dependant on battlepets.