Modernizing my Deck


This is my first modern Songhai deck, I’ve been playing with my October Reva deck since, well, October, and I wanted as many people’s opinions as possible. Also, I’m very much tryharding, so no meme card recommendations please.


with that much movement and large minion dependabce I’d run Kaler’s as your general instead. He provides more movement capabilities than reva which helps bring those big threats into the enemy generals face. Your curve is pretty low so I’d suggest teching in more card draw in place of those Phoenix fires seeing as you already get them from the fire foxes. What the card draw is depends on what’s available in your collection. Out of curiosity is this an aggro deck?


Modern Songhai is almost entirely position-annihilating, so think 3x Juxtaposition + 3x Mist Dragon Seal in every deck, especially for Reva, which makes stupid OPC (overpower creep) Katara virtually standard equipment in every Songhai deck. The nerf to Mana Vortex means that you can no longer make undercost cards out of every fair cost cards and must now get your stupid OP value out of actually undercost cards. Undercosted position-annihilating spells in combination with undercosted Backstab now does the job of the old Mana Vortex+(insert cards with fair cost to be made unfair by Mana Vortex here).

The increasingly synergy-specific combo nature of position-annihilating Songhai also means that actual draw mechanics like Sojourner and Spelljammer now take the place of old favorites/alternatives like Lantern Fox and Sworn Sister L’Kian.

The rest is up to your personal preference. =S


Replace all three cobra strike. At least I can say this without doubt.


Is it that horrible? I didn’t test it. Looks overcosted to me, but I’m also tempted to try it out for a while.


That’s the deck I’m running, which I made using some cards I had. It’s slower than most decks, but has decent burst. Changes I would make in the future would be to replace the eight gates, crescent spear, tusk boars and katara, putting in 3 illusionists, 3 magis and 3 xhos.


try adding katara, and +1 juxta or MDS? might be worth to try jaguar also, I’ll probably swap tiger and cobra


I think it can work in slower decks because it can clear a threat and push for face. It’s basically two phoenix fires, but you only spend one card to do it.


Kinda. I’ve still got that October Reva mindset but I’m trying more midrange.


Oh yes, I was also told to swap my Shrouds for a Onyx Bear Seal. It seems like it could backfire a bit, but I don’t know.


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