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MOD: Units with black outlines

I was asked to make a new version of this mod, since the original (not by me) was discontinued a long time ago. It adds a black outline around all units. It will work for future versions of the game, but you’ll have to re-extract the 7z after each patch. When CPG adds new cards, I’ll release an updated version for those.

MOD: https://duelyststats.info/stuff/mods/units_with_borders_1.84.0.7z


  • For the original client, extract the 7z to C:\Users\USERNAME\.counterplay\duelyst\v1.84.0\resources\app\src\resources\units

  • For Steam, browse local files, then go to \resources\app\src\resources\units

  • For OS X, you’ll have to edit package contents of Duelyst.app, go to /Resources/app/src/resources/units and extract the PNGs there


I like this for whatever reason

It works nice with the argeon skin

ooh they’re like stickers

Great, aren’t they!


Best mod i have ever seen, it adds new fresh look to the game. Thx t2k5

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