Moar Cancer [Bloodborn]


This holiday season, I have returned (well, I’m sure most people don’t know me at this point) to claim my frosty tiger and spread cancer to all!

Not too much to say. Try to curve out with either Araki-opening gambits or Rancour-warlock/elucidator. Or a weird mix of the two (Rancour is so insanely menacing it’s usually a decent keep regardless).

Oh, also keep Entropic Gaze always because it’s a bit ridiculous (but usually cast it late unless you just have spare mana). Keep tiger vs Magmar mirror because you need something to deal with their Rancour.

Azure Herald is there because you hurt yourself so much that before I had it, I found myself just barely dying to some opponents before killing them. Also goes fine with buffs.
If things aren’t going so hot or they’re healing a lot, consider running away and trying to kill them with ranged burn / Decimus.

No Makantor, etc., because usually the game ends on 5-6 mana.

Happy new year and enjoy your cancer.

Novelty: this isn’t particularly original, but it seems like the purest distillation of the theme that I’ve seen around.


The deck seems like generic aggro Starhorn. The Azure Heralds and Healing Mystics seem odd, but maybe they are to help against decks that can out-aggro you, like Songhai and Lyonar? The important thing is, Welcome back to the forums! I have not seen you since the old one got shut down! Prepare for fresh memes and whining about Aggro Magmar and Variax though…

(I was “Neoharrymen” and had a Papyrus profile picture on the old forums)


Oh yeah, pretty generic. But most mirrors I faced on ladder didn’t have Warlocks or Arakis, so I felt pretty disappointed in them =) I think those are pretty important.

The mystics are just generically good so you can maintain a little board presence early on (and get more face hits in), and the heralds I mentioned above.

Not sure about backness, but maybe! Ty for the welcoming ^.^


Healling roughly 6 points of damage is enough against burn magmar, with all of their self-hurt. Which requires lists to either cut on the self-hurt (some remove flamebloods), put in some self-healing, or learn to play more carefully.

I did think 1-2 Earth Spheres might not be out of place in such a list, but minions obviously also have the benefit of contesting the board. And healing an Elucidator after it goes face is always nice.

I do mostly run without healing myself, but my proposed version of the list for tournaments/anti-tech heavy meta has heals, and more control tools.


First of all: I haven’t tried this list until now but I love the design because it’s so pure like you write in your post.
Putting in Araki seems a very good idea to me not only because I have a special relation to this card because it’s the first I crafted when begin playing the game back in January last year.

So take this not as an attempt to optimize the deck but more as a question:
What do you think of cutting GF for a 3rd Decimus (for more spike-consistency) and a 3rd Thumping?
The last few weeks I always felt I miss a Decimus when not playing three of them.


I’ve never really been a huge fan of Fortitude, but to my surprise I’ve found it quite useful. I think the nice thing about it is that it can smooth out mana early on, and it leaves behind a body that your opponent then still has to answer or take even more damage. Kinda shoves even more power into the early game.

With that being said, sure, it’s not a core card, so there wouldn’t be any issues if you did what you said. I think what I would suggest as an alternative, however, is cutting 1 Herald for 1 Decimus. 2 Heralds is basically enough - the 3rd one is the most flexible slot I feel. To be honest, I was too greedy to craft 3rd Decimus, and then felt that I was pretty happy at 2, so 3 may totally be better and I just haven’t tried it XD
Not sure the 3rd Thumping Wave is really necessary - although that may be because of the way I play it (usually prefer playing creatures to playing it early on, so it becomes a bit of a late-game combo finisher with rush most of the time for me).

Glad you like the design, anyway ^.^


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