Misthai: Blast from the past


Misthai - My take on the current spell orientated Songhai

A little background on me - I’ve been playing the game since the start of open beta back in 2015 and made the decision to pure pick songhai from the start; thus throughout I’ve only ever played songhai. The game has changed allot from back in beta and we’ve gone through many cycles of songhai - specifically spellhai changes; my preferred archetype - all of which have kinda contributed towards the current list I’m running.

The key influences from the past have been Zoochz hybrid list (if any of you can remember back then!) which was the first step away from the ‘pure’ spellhai boundary the community had fabricated. Secondly was my pure chakri list - after the mask nerfs the hybrid variant mentioned lost it’s core of cyclone/shadow mask for controlling the board thus pure spellhai lists finally became competitive; born from the ashes - for those of us who stuck with spellhai after that hard nerf (don’t abandon ship boys). I got into the top 10 S rank with both these lists and there have been a few key factors which I value to this day:

  • Mist Walking - I have never used onyx bear seals in my spellhai lists. That probably surprises many but i have my reasoning: when i play heavens eclipse I want to be drawing things i can instantly play to have a huge swing turn with things like a chakri on board - Mist Walking doubles down as fulfilling this criteria and effectively buying me time; that extra time fulfills the role of OBS while being more flexible than it and shifts you away from provoke without an annoying 0/2 body left behind (always the target of holy immolation - no thanks).

  • Juxtaposition - There isn’t much i need to say about this card. Its flexible removal - you play all you’re combo orientated minions defensively with most spellhai lists and thus you can move a chakri from a corner to slap him for 10 health whilst moving his Ironcliff big boy far far away. Super removal.

With these two cards by your side you can buy enough time to kill anyone without diluting you’re heavens eclipse draws, spending excessive mana on removal and not loosing cards due to excessive card draw in hand - this deck has allot of card draw; thus cards which diminish the hand size to an effective amount for cheap are perfect.

A second dimension I’d like to note with this deck is its aggressive nature combined with the partial defensive playstyle - cards like spell Jammer you can slam in their face because if they kill it, they loose a card - this card is hand tempo, early game control and a sticky body rolled into one.

Note: Shadow mask fits perfectly into this deck, hugely underrated card since it’s nerf; no one expects it on ladder and in combination with mistwalking it can steal games single handedly!


I haven’t played spellhai frequently since before the MoS nerf, but it’s never to late to give it a second try. I’ll have to give this list a shot just for Mist Walking + Mask of Shadows.

Nice post, I look forward to trying this list out.


i got 2 copies of mask post-nerf so i don’t get refund :frowning: . but this looks interesting and fairly cheap, i’ll have to try it


I’m currently testing the viability of crescent spear - on paper its better than rage mask but its not as clean cut as one would think. The different functions play very different roles; most notably rage mask plays the important role of passively removing enemy artifacts whilst you develop/ control the board. so overall we’ll see how it pans out.


Would be quite nice to see an updated version of this build yep so good luck ;D


Just the first few games and I can already feel rage mask feels a better fit - honestly as the meta has settled down a bit more the deck has been working well with the current list - compared to the mayhem of release where expected plays varied wildly.

I’ll be working on developing another list To try and make crescent spear work but with the play style In this list it feels clunky - overkilling things allot.


After testing I have a couple of summarising points:

  • The list in its current form is optimised; high burst, enough heal and board clears along with mist walking/ shadow mask synergy to control large midranged threats - control decks will be dead before they can play big threats thus OBS is definitely not needed.

  • New cards which have potential in other spellhai lists, ones where you are trying to upkeep kiting, are Ki Beholder and Crescent spear - this misthai list however utilises general body blocking to play minions defensively thus these cards are generally sub optimal here.

  • The aggressive/ zoo songhai decks can make use of Mirror Meld very effectively but in my eyes that is the other half of songhai archetypes.