Mistakes were made


For my first 1,5 years of playing I de’d everything but Abyss/Neutral. Never regretted that decision, even now when I’m building my collection for other factions. There’s a sense of discovery for making a deck for a card for the first time, while my 50+ Abyss deck collection is not going to stop expanding any time soon. :slight_smile:


My only folly was to DE Ice Age and Winters Wake…

As a F2P since August 2017 I’d say I own about 70% of the collection with 10k spirit in the bank.

Don’t disenchant stuff after the first initial DEs to get a good deck … play and grow… don’t meme from the start.


Im the other way around. I only de extra copies of the cards. And de prismatics when got already 3 normals.
I think the only time i de cards from my collection is when they got nerfed and got full value, but even then only legendaries, like Mnemovore that i open 3 copies =P

When i started playing, never de cards to craft anothers to build a deck. Was a really slow start, but now i have a nice collection and happy with it, even if 90% of those never got played.


Implying Vanar dropped out of them.


I am similar to you. I couldn’t bring myself to disenchant cards that much and I wanted to keep my options open to play all factions. What happened? I almost only played Magmar :smiley: Now I start getting more into other factions and it is a lot of fun!

I have practically a full collection now. T2k5’s script says I need 154k spirit for the full collection and I only have 60k spirit right now but many of the missing cards are unplayable. So I’d say it is practically a full collection.

Nowadays I am super happy with my collection and as a collector person I love what I have even though in the past I often longed to have certain cards but I had no spirit.


Why would you do a thing as cruel as disenchanting Swamp Entanglers :sob:?


I remember disenchanting one copy of Sol because I thought that looks like a real bad card. (It is really bad).
Guess which rare card I still don’t own 3 copies of? And guess how often I wanted to build that meme OTK Ion deck but I didn’t want to craft any cards for it? :smiley:


I once disenchanted War Exorcist and Surgeforger, so they’ll probably become tier 0.


Testing a script to disenchant specific cards… Swamp Entanglers were the perfect sacrifice fodder. I’m sorry.


look at all of you with your like, logic and good habits, despicable honestly.


I see some of you flombos shit-talking on Call to Arms and i’d like to drop here my answer to that - you’re not wizarding/popeing enough your Bromes to use it.

It can get enhanced (i’m pondering to swap out the Lionheart Blessings), but this is the overall shell i’m finding success for it, piling a few memes that usually seem shitty but together have some impact (you have no idea how fun is to Call to Arms an Alarmist), this boy is rocking the card quite well for me.


Disenchanting is fine as long as you don’t go overboard doing it or play enough to make up for the spirit loss. It’s only really a problem, if you do it on a continuous basis and end up losing all your cards and spirit. Which ends up with you having nothing at the end.

But I am one of those people who would disenchant cards just to try/play something out for a few games and then disenchant those cards to move onto the next thing, as long as its not too expensive.


I did far far far faaaaaar more mistakes in crafting rather than disenchanting though


Squire instead of Cleric. :eyes:


y’know, this is actually a pretty good reason for bringing back the old bloodborn and ancient bonds system, where you got three copies of cards, but had to farm orbs. that way, buying orbs made more sense. but it sucked for f2p guys like me


It did? I always was f2p but bloodborne (was that bloodborne? With trinity oath, embla etc) didnt feel terrible, even though the only card i wanted badly was trinity oath… Which i found on the very last orb


well yeah, because you couldnt craft or disenchant cards, very often some of the shittiest legendaries, such as post nerf meltdown simply shat bricks in my collection. I had to buy some vastly large number of packs(the specific number of which I simply cannot recollect but I presume mustve been so ginormous that I would forget by now) of ancient bonds to get lavaslasher, and a similarly tedious amount of orbs to get cards I wanted such as rancour or thraex.

Note that this was when my collection was in an absolutely shitty state, and I had to do this while buying core orbs to craft the staples such as warbeast et etc. The same grindy problem applied to mythrons, since I needed so many cards, getting wanderer was a nightmare, and I didnt want to spend the 1200 spirit. So I waited till wanderer dropped from buying the orbs, and I had to buy all 71 (or was it 61?) orbs to actually get wanderer. That was 6 months of grinding. And I was grinding spirit for decimus and all the other cards I needed in the meantime as well. ANyway, if you’re not lucky, like me, you get to have a shit time.

But on that note, it was a lot better for buying orbs with irl currency, since you just bought all 24 orbs, and got all the expansion cards for an upfront amount, instead of praying to rngesus and hoping we get disenchantable legendaries, like we do today

and also i guess it depends on how much you played, but even then, you get like about a 100 gold every day, which wasnt enough for bloodborn. ANd you had to play regularly then


There were only 13 packs all in all :stuck_out_tongue:


i dont count.

ah shit.


But you know… it felt a lot larger…


maybe I dont have a point after all.


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