Missing cards after hiatus from game?



So I took a break from Duelyst for a few months. I’ve returned to the game and found a lot of cards have been added (sweet) a lot of cards are different and have changed (awesome) and several of my cards are missing (ugh). I’m not sure exactly what’s missing in total and I’m hoping that tech support can possibly assist me. But I used to pretty much main Magmar and I had Chrysalis Burst and Vindicator cards both of which are now missing from my collection. I’m hoping to recover the cards that have disappeared from my collection. I am on a new computer and have freshly installed Duelyst since I returned.

Operating System:

[Windows / Mac / Linux]

System Specs:

Intel i7, Nvidia 960m, 16GB Ram

Bug Report Details

Not exactly sure what to put here. Also to answer a possible question- I did not share this account or password with anyone.
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Have a Duelyst account
  2. Take a 5+ month break from the game
  3. Notice missing cards


Have you reached out to support here: duelyst.uservoice.com

This is a tough one to diagnose on the forums since we’ve never seen this before.


I haven’t checked out that support. I will look into it. Thank you.


This is happening to me as well, who should I contact?