MIRACLE Faie, or Blood Faice


Hi, my name’s Sinpathy and I’m here to share with you Freeze Mage in Duelyst EleGiggle

With the advent of Rise of the Bloodborn, Vanar got a ton of removals and extremely good cards.
The introduction of ice block equivalent; Concealing Shroud meant the return of an aggressive playstyle, as well as the support for one-turn-kill decks.

I used to pilot a deck upon the release of the 25 mana card; Blood Taura, but it didnt see the light of day beyond lower diamond (which i think is still an amazing feat if you are a new player :D)
Called Blood Faice because of the names Faie Bloodwing, Flameblood Warlock and Blood Taura.
(Rise of the Bloodborn…? :smiley:)

The previous versions of Miracle Faie involved controlling damage until you could pull off the combo of Blood Taura summoned cheaply, then Spirit of the Wild which reactivated a 12 damage power creep.
However, the nerf to SOTW upped the mana cost by 1 and it became impossible to play with without a guarantee you would survive to live the next turn if you set up your health low for the play.

BUT, things have changed. The introduction of the beautiful corona, which significantly delays lethal plays, tile control, trades and movement.

And invulnerability.

Another good card worth mentioning is the Sleet Dasher, which is an overall good minion to play on curve that can survive for some heavy hits. I run only 1 of this in my deck because you would prefer instant spells over slow cards in the late game, and you won’t risk topdecking this card too much.

And thus, the new Miracle Faie is born, to have numerous lethal possibilities, survivability and board control.

How to play:
One of your various openers:

Flash freeze comes up occassionally for you to control the tiles and get 2/3 minions into general hit range.

Stall with freezes as much as possible whenever necessary to fight for tiles, good T1 gravity well placements and board clears with Frostburn and your bloodborn spell, which is the most important chip damage generator in your arsenal.

Try to play out all your cards even when your bbs is first available to use, because you are supposed to play out all your cards. Unless you are wasting the timer on Warbird, avoid using it immediately.

Note that there are several one-ofs in this deck. This is because these are counters / good cards to certain decks on the ladder. You can change them if you want, but this is the most optimized version currently.
For example, the Avalanche is if your opponent is playing control and finds themselves dangerously low and decides to escape to your side of the board, you can set up lethal with it anyway.

A single copy of spelljammer because you don’t want your deck to be too diluted with delayed card draw. They do not help you gain a board advantage on the same turn, which will make you lose out on tempo. You already have 2 Sworn Sister l’kians to help you out during the later stages.

The key card of this deck, Blood Taura is also reduced to a single copy. This is because the nature of this deck is aggressive, which means dead draws can hurt you mid game when you have nothing to play. A single copy also helps you decide whether you need it for the current matchup, or reroll it.

Gravity Well is your core card in this deck. With this spell, you can cheese your first turn by stealing 2 tiles / or 1 if you are going second, gain 2 mana for your various other 2 drops. Transforming it into an Aspect of the Drake also gives you value for the remainder that was not cleared.

Hearthsister has alot of use in this deck, being able to ping out of range minions with Warbird and move them into the remaining Gravity Wells which were not cleared.

Aspect of the Drake is mainly a 4 damage card, use it to go for face to drop them low. SOTW can be used to get 4 extra damage off with a single minion on board.
Note that I transformed the tile where I want to move 2 spaces forward, which is important so you don’t get stuck by your own walls.

Alcuin gets you important spells like your Warbirds, Chromatics, Prisons, Shrouds etc. This card is insane.

When playing this deck, always be flexible, do not just rely on the blood taura combo and find ways and chances to get damage off because you are on a countdown to death yourself. Stall too long and you might find yourself dying to tigers and vomit decks (starhorn), though Concealing Shroud is there for you to avoid that. I’ve noticed that sometimes keeping SOTW is a bad idea when you have 2 cards or less in hand.

Overall, it is pretty difficult to explain how to play the deck fluently, because it takes foresight and experience to gain maximum value and tempo to outtrade your opponent at any given situation. Your first few tries are guaranteed to be extremely FailFish.

Faie- You almost always lose against a normal faie mirror, unless she’s going control.

Cassyva- Cassyva is too prone to getting frozen and not playing the tempo game for her late game. Take note of her Kelaino though, it’s the only bane of this deck. Try to remove it only with Frostburn which you should keep in your hand, and some sort of ping.

Lilithe: Hailstone Prison, Frostburn and your freezes are the most important cards here. Try not to trade with her, and down her health as soon as possible. Dig for the blood taura combo quickly and chip her down as much as possible.

Argeon: He is a tricky matchup because if you do not draw answers properly or position incorrectly, you will get punished by holy immolation, roar tigers and Sun Bloom. Never play around tempest and try to maintain board control.

Zir’an: One of your harder matchups, your wins are dependent on whether you have the answers to her threats, damage control for blood taura lethal and how many heals she have. Try to kill her off as soon as possible by going all face whenever possible.

Vaath:/Starhorn: Hardest matchup which you have to think 2-3 turns in advance on what damage you will be taking and whether you should Concealing Shroud early. These 2 are the metadecks atm, which either controls you really heavily to win, destroys you with a turn 1 flash reincarnation + sunsteel defender combo, or the decimus combo with a ton of face cards. Against control, you are almost guaranteed to win, but against aggro, you need to control your health accurately down to the digit, and pull of the combo correctly, or use shroud to prolong the chip damage turns and win. God forbid these vomit decks (I’ll secretly play it >:D)

An example of damage control:

Reva: You win 99% of the time.

Zirix: 2nd hardest matchup, funny considering Vet’s the worst faction atm xD You have no real way to clear his obelysks and his damage is so separate that you cannot really control your health pool for the combo. Try to beat him down with an aggressive playstyle and stall his dervishes with your Gravity Well and or Chromatic Cold (only against the obelysk that gives +1 attack to the dervishes) if you need to use it.

Kaleos: Not enough sample size, but always watch your back.

Sajj: You win.

Previous Version:
Cassyva: 1-1
Lilithe: 3-1
Argeon: 2-2
Zir’an: 1-0
Vaath: 2-0
Reva: 0-1
Zirix: 1-2
Kaleos: 1-1
Faie 0-1

Current Version:
Argeon: 5-3
Faie: 1-4-1
Sajj: 4-1
Lilithe: 4-4
Starhorn: 3-0
Vaath: 3-8
Zir’an: 1-3
Cassyva: 4-2
Zirix: 1-1
Reva: 3-0

Total 40/35/1 = 53% winrate
Area of play: Low diamond

You can add me @Sinpathy to watch my replays on how to pilot the deck <3

This is @mrenderman’s version. He basically all ins on this strategy. Always trust an S ranker right? ;D
One thing to note is that his deck runs the infamous skeet courage combo and enfeeble skorn’s for board clears, which tunes it to more late game control (completely opposite to mine which is geared to a maximum of mid-late game)

Unearthed Prophecy: Blood Faice (Hit yourself to win!)

I’m really sorry to say I can’t add anything substantive to this thread because I don’t understand Vanar well enough to do so. But the above captures my mental state as I was reading the OP perfectly.

Love me some original decks like this one. Three sources of draw (and 3 cantrips) does seem like it’d be a hazard for running out of fuel, is that an issue?


almost never, the engine is pretty fast.


Those game looks familiar, It’s the game my little brother played against you

Actually he missed lethal that turn, should have gone face with all minion on board, and cast PF 3 times
Nice deck by the way


OH WOW xD, thanks though. Did not expect that hand :joy:


Your deck are truly unique and unorthodox, would probably try those after I get those corona and shroud, bet it will be ton of fun, heheh


good luck on the ladder~ try it out against friendlies before you bring this to ranked tho. It might give you some insight :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s nice to know there’s actually a pretty good player behind all that beautiful artwork :wink:


Maybe if I ever open more gravity wells or blood taura I will try it out. I’m not a huge fan of vanar but I think mrenderman’s version of this deck intrigues me, I love the courage + sleet combo and was always a big fan of echo giants mage in hearthstone even if it wasn’t top tier.


ender’s deck is a slugfest LUUL xD


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