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Minions permanent stunned?


After the patch of today I was fighting against a Vanar, one of my battle pets attacked one of his walls and from that moment it spent the whole game stunned. Normal or bug?


A stunned unit will lose it’s next turn of action. After hitting this wall presumably bonechill barrier, your minion would be unable to move next time it’s supposed to move. If your opponent won the next turn your minion would still be stunned. There could have been other cards they played such as Icy, Avalanche, and Flash Freeze.

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Nope, my Pax attacked an ice wall at the start of the turn, to avoid her attacking another one I destroyed them all with bone swarm but it was for nothing because for the rest of the game she never moved and of course the enemy Vanar never attacked her so Pax was there, alone… The whole game.


The answer is: no. It should only be stunned until the beginning of your next turn when it it would normally execute its next action. If it stayed stunned for longer than that would be a bug.

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