Mindsteal deck?


Is it possible to run a successful deck with mindsteal as your primary source of minions? We could ruin alcuin and twilight, but what else?


A mindsteal deck could be the greatest deck in all of duelyst, or be the worst. The issues with decks like this is that mindsteal depends on your OPPONENT to have good cards, which of course still could end up being bad in the situation. The surplus of aggro also makes it hard to even manage to get something higher than a 4 drop, effectively making it so your subbing in a random 4 drop which in most situations won’t do anything that you need it too.

Mindsteal decks can exist, it’s just that they probably never will due to depending on your opponent’s deck to work.


It’s something I want to try though. Can someone help me with a list? I’m thinking we would have a bunch of arcanysts to back us up as well. Nature’s confluence could help too. This would just be really funny for me to play. I would pretty much die if we found a serpenti or paddo in someone’s deck.


A gimmicky deck like this will require thousands of dust to work. Are you sure you want to make one?


I’ve got a bunch to blow, plus my friend gave me a 20$ steam card, so im gonna buy a bunch of spirit orbs to refill my spirit…
Let’s do this!


Please don’t tell me you already bought them.


Really hard to do in such a fast meta, but it is rng at the end of the day. Why not just make a full rng deck? From chrysalis burst to kolossus, magmar sure does have a lot of options. At the same time, it would probably just be bad, and I’d just run a reaper deck instead, since you get a body with a dying wish with a similar effect.


That’s what I meant, my dude.
I bought the bronze one when i first started. I got 3 red synja so I dusted them and used it to build a decent deck…


I’ll make a possible test decklist for it, brb.


I think we can make it arcanyst, pretty much. Just with mind steal and chrysalis burst.


I don’t know wth I made, but it seems good(?) for a first time arcanyst deck. Frac is for the rare moment you get a high REALLY good minion, btw.


Well, if you are going arcanyst you may as well add confluence, and you need some draw, but magmar has its options. In any case, you may also want some “solo” cobtrol cards, since your minion options are unreliable… and maybe Meltdown or Slithar Elder just to have some sort of win con I guess.


I have most of these things already. Woo! Time to blow my spirit on a gimmick!

(Not like i need it or anything)


If you need a draw engine, grab some bloodborn orbs and try and get tectonic spikes or entropic gaze.


Illusionist in a plasma storm deck seems like a bad idea imo, I think abjudicator would be better since you have some expensive spells.


I put plasma storm in in the rare case that the deck loses early game; and I think abjudicator would work. I’ll add it in now.


I added meltdown, swapped plasma storm for abjucator, and made some other tweaks. It’s ready.


Can you post decklist?


Just won my first match with it, but didn’t even use mind steal. Thumping wave and entropic gaze made lethal fast and easy. I’ll post the decklist in a few min


Think of mindsteal as an alternate wincon, the deck is consistent enough to win by control if I’m correct.