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Mind control / gambit deck help?

Hello I have been trying to get a ciphyron deck off the ground using mind control cards and gambit. I have a idea of what I am trying to build but I am lacking some cards to fully experiment.
I am hoping you guys can help fill in some blanks so I don’t waist to much sprit trying to pull this off this is just the bones of what I am trying to work with

I have been trying mirrorrim in this but have mixed feelings about it I like to get extra dustdrinkers and rift walkers but it also seems to slow down the deck a lot if I don’t dive heavy in to card drawl

any help putting my bare bones project together would be awesome ty

edit: for some reason I am having trouble importing the list …
3xpsichic conduit
3xsandwril reader
3xgrapenel paradigm



This is what I have so far. It’s not very good, to be honest, but it’s not horrible either. Actually, the deck is better if you swap the Swarmkings for Heralds so feel free to make that change.


It looks late game heavy I was trying to pull off a grapnel / sirocco golem build but it just seemed there was to much going on.
Your deck is pretty close to what I was initially trying minus the swarmkings.

I am really trying to get gambit bounce backs with orb rider and sand swirl reader.
Grapenel paradigm, dust drinker and rift walkers seem to fit really well in to this but there is cards like superior mirage and synaptic arbitrage I have not been able to experiment with yet.

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On Duelspot, I found this deck by AtheistMantis that looks like a somewhat refined version of what you’re going for:

I would recommend trying to raise the curve a little (maybe substituting Falcius for Herald), but otherwise it seems playable. Mantis also mentions that an earlier version of the deck (built by Icicle and AlphaCentury) included Synaptic Arbitrage as a combo piece: you could use it to donate an Intensify minion, and then Mirage it for massive damage. It looks like it would be easy enough to restore the combo by putting in the Arbitrages in place of the Conduits if you wanted to go that route.



I use a version of this called Mirage… (Modifed a bit for a few missing cards/etc).

Seems to do okay and I really enjoy stealing enemy synergy with the fall back of the Drinkers and Walkers if you can’t pull it off to get going.


O-Nice I forgot about zen’rui I might need to save up for that card. The AOE from him might be a little more convenient than the straight line of grapenel

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Been playing a Ciph deck since around October and slowly editing it. @vaelix is pretty close to what I got. Use to use Riftwalker and Superior Mirage but opted out for Scion’s First Wish and Flamebrood Warlock. I would also drop the Equality Constraint for a Spelljammer and Thunderclap for Psychic Conduit. Blindscorch can be a pain to hold onto to combo with any control cards late game so I prefer to combo with Conduit to get an early tempo switch, hopefully forcing them to burn their removal on one of their own cards.

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I have been messing around with flamebrood and falcius it is a late game combo but I have been having close matches about 3 -4 HP apart.

Sometimes ill combo Blind scorch, Conduit and Orb rider in a pinch to remove bigger minions and possibly replay them if I am luck enough to get the hand.

I think i need to pick up some Spell jammer’s ill start to mess round with Scion’s First Wish I didn’t think it fit in this deck but I have been having problems with card draw.

Any thoughts on hex blade ?


Its nice. Typically guarantees at least two 1/X minions but you would then want one more Paradigm and Zen’Rui. Probably drop the Dominate Will. Already a ton of Lower Attack potential but then it feels you wouldn’t have enough control cards to capitalize on it.Rather pay 6 mana on T7 so I can Bloodbound just to be safe.

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doesn’t zenrui only take control of one minion though?

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Just wanted to ask the same question.

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ya I just learned the hard way after picking one up ,I guess I miss read the text a little lol

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I think you’d want synaptic arbitrage
the aoe’s pretty good. just make sure you’re trading in something shitty or manageable (sellsoul, or a battlepet)


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