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The second one is intensified, I guess.


Indeed it is :stuck_out_tongue:


KoP II: Gotta Poop Fast!

So, here’s the piece of cancer I’ve been using every now and then for laddering during the past few weeks. The basic idea is so simple even a monkey could grasp it: we gotta poop, and we gotta poop it fast! So take a good, comfortable posture on your toilet seat, play out your Celebrants, Manaforgers and Abjudicators and get ready for the “real deal”.

Turn 3 Fault is the basic goal, while occasional turn 2 Faults can also be done with Manaforgers if you opponent becomes careless. Once Gate to the Poopvault opens, we hide in a convenient remote spot of the board and commence endless pooping while playing out golems, Abjudicators, Sandswirls, Khakas and occasional removal.

Wr was 12-3 (80 %) in Diamond & Gold.


You’re a monster :japanese_goblin:
I built almost the exact same deck a while back (the only difference being a playset of Oasis instead of Decay), but couldn’t bring myself to actually play it.


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@miguelosz, I recall @alexicon1 saying that if you want to make a thread eternal, contact him on discord.


Yeah indeed, good point. I’ll try to remember to do that :slight_smile:


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