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The second one is intensified, I guess.


Indeed it is :stuck_out_tongue:


KoP II: Gotta Poop Fast!

So, here’s the piece of cancer I’ve been using every now and then for laddering during the past few weeks. The basic idea is so simple even a monkey could grasp it: we gotta poop, and we gotta poop it fast! So take a good, comfortable posture on your toilet seat, play out your Celebrants, Manaforgers and Abjudicators and get ready for the “real deal”.

Turn 3 Fault is the basic goal, while occasional turn 2 Faults can also be done with Manaforgers if you opponent becomes careless. Once Gate to the Poopvault opens, we hide in a convenient remote spot of the board and commence endless pooping while playing out golems, Abjudicators, Sandswirls, Khakas and occasional removal.

Wr was 12-3 (80 %) in Diamond & Gold.


You’re a monster :japanese_goblin:
I built almost the exact same deck a while back (the only difference being a playset of Oasis instead of Decay), but couldn’t bring myself to actually play it.


A new bump emerges…

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@miguelosz, I recall @alexicon1 saying that if you want to make a thread eternal, contact him on discord.


Yeah indeed, good point. I’ll try to remember to do that :slight_smile:

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Bumps, schmumps.

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Bump: “to knock against something with a forceful jolt”

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Nice description :slight_smile:


Ok. I believe at this point you deserve to have this thread be made immortal.

When one Bumps a thread more than a few times, it shows that it is really important and is in one’s mind often.

and because I am not on discord regularly…hey, @alexicon1 and @SnakeintheEye


Yep, I also realized I don’t use Discord anymore so I sent Alex a message here :slight_smile:

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Bump and do you have any thoughts on Draugr Eyolith?


Slow af, so I don’t really have any ideas :smiley: Vanar has some great lategame cards like Seraphim and Embla, so it’s really hard to justify using any fringe cards for 7-8 mana.


Casio on Fire

Moving on to my fourth edition of Calculator decks (and also my first deck ever posted for Hai yasss). Also, I sincerely suck at playing Hai.

Kthxhai, let’s move on to the deck: I have written tons on pet stuff before so I won’t repeat everything here, basically you build a huge Calculator and from there it’s boom or bust (since unlike especially my Abyss and Vanar builds, we’re not running many other great enablers in this deck).


  • Big Calcs are as big as ever
  • Mist Dragon Seal and Juxta make sure that one does not simply bodyblock against your Sw0lculators
  • Xho is fun
  • Crimson Coil is extra fun, especially so with Ghoulie + Killing Edge
  • Heartseekers be seekin’


  • When you draw bad, it’s BAD.
  • No pet swarm support feelsbadman
  • Twin Strike is pretty meh, switch it for Gotatchu or smth
  • Crimson Coil lethals take like 2 full turns to plan out if you’d like to execute them optimally, so welcome to the ropefest
  • M’kay there’s not much reason to play this deck over my Kara Calculator deck, which does basically everything this does but better

WR was 10-10 (50 %) in Gold, like a tr00 memester.


I would probably add Ion somewhere as an alternative finisher/damager.


Yep, I thought of Ion but I’m not sure if there’s enough burst for that guy. -2 Twin Strike -1 Juxta is probably the way to go if you’d like to include him.


Btw, I would also like to try crystalline reinforcement in Kara Calc list someday to make really huge Calcs. Sharing the thought in case you’d like to try it too :slight_smile:


Sounds like overkill, but incredibly fun idea! :slight_smile:


Gros Before Hoes

Miguel’s Calculator crusade continues with fifth edition of Calc madness! Magmar has no reactivators or other direct enablers for Calculator, so besides the general “Sw0lculator” plan we bring in grow as a secondary subtheme, which also provides us a fighting chance for the times when we can’t find our precious Calcs in time. Gro is the unifying piece of this deck, supporting the early game of both game plans splendidly.

Since it was pretty hard to fit enough stuff for both pets and grow to the deck, I cut from removal and only included Upper Hand as a solid early game single-target removal (Mag AoE generally hurts us more than the opponent). I also cut Yun, who is generally the worst pet for all other purposes than directly giving stats to Calc. Rex, Amu, Gro, Mantella, Razor Skin and Rawr give more than enough juice to still keep the Casios ready for some furious calculatin’. Jammer on the other hand provides the deck with enough draw to sustain into mid-early late game.

Moloki provides the best grow support, combined with Godhammer and Endure the Beastlands for maximum swarm buffs, or simply with Gro for a quick piece of stats. The ultimate meme is of course Beastlands with Moloki on board into Nature’s Confluence next turn (preferably for 4 Gros!). Moloki and Calc are both vulnerable to dispel, which makes the deck fall for a well-timed EMP (like many other maymays) but at the same time can also exhaust the opponents’ removal supply really fast. And with this deck, when the board becomes sw0l, it truly does!

Wr was 14-6 (70%), in the magical glimmering lands of Silver.