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Starhorn likes to go fast, even Armada is in practice almost too slow for the deck. My meme philosophy is not to put everything I can in a single deck (hence no Red Synja or Unstable Leviathan there either), but to actually make pretty playable decks. I do have a Meltdown version in the works, but that will be an entirely different deck (if it works in the first place).


Apex: Golems

I absolutely love cards that enable several archetypes. Hence, my favorite cards are Lurking Fear and Questionmark. My latest exploration of this type is Apex, which will most likely become a small deck series similar to my previous Wanderer Lili and Queue decks. Starting out, I took an easy route with the ever-powerful Mag golem package, boasting a powerful finish with Worldcore and Juggernaut from Apex. Plan B/C are out-tempoing the opponent with huge stats, or Flash Juggernaut on 6 to test the enemy removal. Boulder Breacher is the mvp here, with its bond often useable throughout the game since Magmar is so good at keeping boards as well as (usually) triggering its effect through Apex (Ragebinder works the same way too). I went for Plasma Storm instead of Rebuke, since our big doodz don’t die to it.

Wr was 15-5 (75 %) in Silver this season/Gold last season.

Ps. beware of Apex’s good and bad matchups: cheating out (what’s even the correct word for this?) cards like Sandswirl and MaliWisp without proccing their opening gambits is ridiculously good, while you definitely don’t want stuff like Vorpals or Seraphims to come out for your opponent with pseudo-rush. Most luls I had this run was cheating out both Strategos (trial finished) and Alabaster Titan without proccing either of their effects. So, there are some minor counters to trials apparently if you’re lucky heh :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m experimenting with golems lately, and I like using lightbender in most of my builds, Magmar included. Dispel is underused without a reason in current meta. Zirix, Eggnora, Wall and Lord decks all hate dispel and golems are a natural fit for a dispel heavy deck.

I see that Bender is bad with Apex, but is a nice tech nevertheless. I feel that your top end is enough to justify Apex though. What do you think?


Difficult to say… maybe 2-off split between Plasma, Bender and Celebrant could be a good approach if you’d like to add him. The bigger stuff is more crucial here since it helps to keep board for some nice Breacher/Flash Juggernaut plays.


Wait, are you telling me that Apex nullified destiny?:o


Sure thing, did :dark_sunglasses: but the trial needs to be finished for the Apex cheat to work

Summoning @boronian - is this a known interaction?


It is. Destiny works like OG.


Thanks! Yeah, I kinda expected it to work like this but I hadn’t heard from it before.


Yeah like Alplod said this is a known interaction. I think it needs to be added to the wiki if it isn’t there already :slight_smile:


I checked the wiki, only summoning friendly trial minions is mentioned but not that it works on enemy trials too.



Too bad apex costs 7, as it would have been an interesting way to counter wanderer.


Flash Reincarnation would like to have a gentleman’s discussion with you


An evolved bump.


N-Nani?! Your bump is evolving…!


Apex: Surge

Here we go again: let me present probably the only deck currently (besides mayybe Ox) where Meltdown actually does some work. I started full ham with various Blood Surge minions like Minos which mostly felt just too underwhelming, then left only the fittest of the pack to the list and voilá: we have the Golem package combined with Armada’s and Meltdown’s BBS bombs, Crypto and Mentor for surge & hand refilling and Kraigon for extra forcefield-big boi from Apex. This deck can pack a big punch and take the opponent completely by surprise. Nothing much else to say I guess, that’s MERGMER for ya folks :smile:

Wr was 12-3 (80 %) in Gold/Silver.


Very spicy. Wish I had the dust to play it :frowning:


Wizard Vaath

Wanna smash? Abjudicator Vaath isn’t exactly a deck that has received a lot of attention, but with the Dooly expansions slowly accumulating decent Mag/Vaath spells (culminating with Saurian Finality), the time is finally ripe. The usual skipping of p1t1 is hardly a problem for the deck, since the common 3 mana play Abjudicator + Vaath’s Brutality/Natural Selection usually gets you almost even on the tempo. Manaforger is a plan B that can produce some decent value over time, although he should be taken into account when planning for Natural Selection plays.

From midgame on, it’s all about mass removal with Rebuke, Plasma & Egg Morph etc., and mass heals with Invigoration & Earth Sphere while slowly and sweetly punching the opponent right in dat face. Tectonic Spikes can produce a hand refill when it’s needed, while you move in to the closing turns. At 7-8 mana, you either move in to a (sometimes ramped) Finality, go for lethal with Bounded Lifeforce, or push for the final bits of damage with the aid of Silhouette Tracer or a board clear. Bounded Lifeforce is especially a funky and surprisingly rarely seen card that keeps your general’s attack buffs, often resulting to a 12-15 damage burst against a careless opponent. If the opponent survives your initial onslaughts of healing, smashing and removal, you just keep going until they fall out of juice. Absolutely fabulous. It’s good to position so that on the turns when you go for the kill, the opponent has to use at least two different minions to block you (which, although obvious, means staying directly at their face and not positioning diagonally).

The deck has some notable counters, most clearly FaultKhaka, but luckily for me those decks were relatively absent in ranks 6-8. The deck strolled through Gold with a lizardly WR of 17-5 (77 %).

Ps. yes, there’s no Makantor. No Makantor? At 6 mana I want to focus either on healing or on full board clear (and not just on that 1 minion when they are playing around Makantor). It’s silly, but since everyone plays around Makantor from 6 mana on, he actually gives positional advantage to this deck even without being in it :wink:


Was it @ryousen who claimed wizard Vaath is his favorite deck?

Nice touch on this, @miguelosz :wink: As always.


Oh, did not know that :slight_smile: I did really enjoy letting off some steam with this monster, plays totally differently than most of my other stuff!


Oh yeah! Its a top 2 favorite! I LOVE IT!
Tested quite a few variants of wizard mag back in the day, so I’d bring a few changes to this list, but the archetype is just surprisingly pleasing and playable. Mag simply has the removal. Im happy to see someone mention Abjudicator into Brutality, I love that play, and I think the stun is underrated.