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Lot of the deck is played on curve, so I’m not sure when is the best time to equip Zoetic (probably just before playing the big bois?). That said, it could surely work wonders here.


“Better go see a doctor, if ya got bumps in the wrong places”


Big Boi Starhorn

Yep, Magmar got dem fair share of BIG bois. And Starhorn is no exception to this. So why not put all those Starhorny dudes into a single deck, and play some sweet tempo game? Genious!

In all seriousness, the deck does actually require a ton of positioning-work and planning to really get the most out of your minions and Starhorn’s bbs. Vindicator and Visionar can get really scary with draw effects, while a t2 Haruspex is just massive. Spikes, Crypto, Blaze Hound and Spelljammer help mill the opponent (and yourself as well if you’re not careful, so planning ahead is again highly essential).

Flash Decispikes is a must for Starhorn and can close the games out quickly. Flash should be kept in hand almost always, since it helps a ton in avoiding overdraw and can create busted ramp situations in the first couple of turns. Then we add Natural Selection since “lul our bois got more big than yours”, Makantor for Makantor things and High Hand and Upper Hand for… well, handy things? They’re both pretty cool memez (Upper Hand is legit really good but feels almost bad cuz you know, “just Magmar things”).

Wr was 9-8 (53 %) in Diamond last season. The deck has pretty polarized matchups: it’s really strong vs Wanderer and decks that don’t pack much single-target removal, while fast combo decks and midrange builds with strong burn are difficult to handle.


@miguelosz, why, why? :sob: Please, stop playing Decihorn, you are one step from building your own Wanderer Rag list :tired_face:

Even the best of us…

Edit. But really, I play ArtiReva and Ascension, who I am to judge?


It hardly ever is a question of what, but a question of how. Except for Wanderer as you can play a deck of 37 Komodo Chargers and win with it. Sure Decimus deserves changes to fit other factions but the art is always in the setup around it.


Flash Decispikes for Starhorn is like old Finality for Vaath or old Meltdown for Faie. There’s just no good reason not to play it, especially with so few other finishers available for him. Starhorn is my third favorite general in the game, so it’s not like I’ll completely stop playing him any time soon :slight_smile:


Played 3 games with your artifact deck today, 2 losses, but very close and fun!

Desperately needs AoE, imo, chakram is not enough. I can’t decide which of 2 is better grasp or breath, will try to test more.


Seeing Haruspex reminded me of a game I played against a Magmar deck last week. He played Haruspex, then on my turn I played Flamewreath moved it enough to kill Haruspex, draw 3 cards without overdrawing and put his general down to lethal range for next turn. But then the person conceded on his turn.

What is Haruspex like overall? I remember when the card was revealed I didn’t think it would be as good as people thought, but I haven’t played it myself since it came out to know.


Haruspex mostly works in decks like this, where overdrawing is seriously hard for your opponent to avoid. Remember that it can be Flashed too for a p1t1 7/4. Songhai is Starhorn’s worst matchup imo, so it’s not too surprising you took him out easily.


Abyss as a whole needs some sensible AoE :smiley: but sure if you’d like it’s just a matter of teching it in. I prefer Grasp over Breath almost always, the minion heal does very rarely anything useful so you’re essentially paying one extra mana for nothing with Breath. That said, it can be useful in the current meta.


Oops, sorry for replying in the wrong thread, just noticed this.


I’m kinda out of spirit (damn almost all memes being legendaries!), so my content creation will slow down a bit from now on. Abyss decks will appear though as often as I get fresh ideas. Currently I’m brewing a really spicy dying wish deck :slight_smile:


Here’s a miscellaneous bump.


Miguel, I have a question about your “Cold Egos” deck, the one with Reliquarian, as it shares more than some similarity with my scruffy Vespyr thing of the moment.
(Maybe I was subconsciously inspired!)

I think that your deck has everything covered but there’s no healing or damage prevention, which I’m not very comfortable with when your General is supposed to score some late-game attacks against enemy minions.
Shouldn’t Concealing Shroud be in there, or Grove Lion or something?


Reliquarian is not the main focus of the deck, mainly a plan b if the game drags out for long. In proactive combo decks I often don’t run healing, if you allow the opponent the time/space to burn you down you’ve usually lost anyway. Beyond that, I found that MaliWisp and Luminous provide enough defensive edge to keep you going until those big combo turns with Ego/Razorback.


Oh, clever analysis! I had noticed my games went better when Malicious Wisp had been played, but I hadn’t correlated that with the defensive implication it had. Thanks!


Kinetic Field

This one’s kind of a filler deck (mostly I’ve been gathering spirit through a few Gauntlet runs recently). It lacks a wincon (Kraigon would be recommended but I didn’t bother to craft him), but boasts some nice combos:

Kujata/Flash + Forcefield minions for ramp without drawbacks
Kinetic Equilibrium + Forcefield for AoE combined with a buff
Diretide + Rippers for frenzy with extra reach
Rebuke + Makantor, Warpup & Diretide for a board clear with burn
Greater Fortitude + Rippers/Forcefield minions for dem buff values

Forcefield minions are really durable, take no damage from Rebuke and punish misplays hard. Speaking of misplays, never play Makantor when you have a Night Watcher on board. I was playing in such a casual mode that I always forgot this :smiley: Despite this, wr was 8-4 (67 %) in Silver/Gold.

Oh, and Lodestar ez lolz.


May I ask how has Lodestar been doing with your overall concept of frenzy forcefield? I haven’t seen any deck than can reaaly pump out value with Lode since its a bit slow on mana…


Only 2 armada and no meltdown+apex? :thinking:
Your version is not meming hard enough to be true artillery mag :sweat:


Mainly it’s for those rare cases when the enemy general runs away too hard :stuck_out_tongue: Also it’s a pretty fun play with Flash for 4 mana. But yeah I just wanted a reason to use him somewhere, hence the 1-off.