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Artillery Starhorn

Time to pile up some sweet sweet damage! Theme of this deck is repeated damage both to board and minions. Good ol’ Decispikes is of course the deck’s main wincon, while we also bring the replace package with Theobule and Aethermaster + White Widow for huge aoe potential and Wings of Paradise for huge burst potential. The replace package provides also a diversion from the burst wincons that the opponent has to deal with, and synergizes well with Starhorn’s bbs fueling more replaces for Theobule. BtA, Frostborne Naga and Armada are also in the deck for fitting the bombin’ theme well and help pushing up the face damage while keeping the board empty. Silithar is just kinda an open slot, he’s here mainly to contest mana tiles. Rest of the deck needs no explanation. All around it’s a fun and very consistent build thanks to all the extra replaces.

Wr was 8-2-4 (57 % plus a couple draws) in Diamond last season.

Here is a "fan-made" magmar concept card

Nice! If you have so much board artillery and if it’s reliable enough, couldn’t Thumping Wave replace Homeostatic Rebuke?

How do you choose between Frostbone Naga and Riftwalker? I personally choose the former if the early game isn’t very agressive, and the later otherwise.

What is your opinion? (and about this particular deck?)


Definitely, although I’d maybe rather cut Plasma since Rebuke is such a busted card (and because it’s a Wanderer answer). Would probably improve the deck a little indeed. I just wanted to go full retard with aoe here :smiley:

Naga just feels overall better than Riftwalker to me, unless you can consistently draw more copies of the latter (although I haven’t really tested Riftwalker properly). 1 vs 2 dmg makes a whole lot of difference against some things like poop dervishes and clearing up 4 health minions. Especially Mag has well enough reach already to remove backline minions without using the airdrop.


Of course. I missed that you also have Plasma Storm! This would be the one to consider for a Thumping Wave instead. :slight_smile:
Since you go “full retard” with AOE it’s certainly a very consistent deck! Congrats on always coming up with interesting ideas, and getting them to work.

Edit: Theobule now slowly clawing up from the “will never be crafted” bottomless pit.


The deck definitely needs that Magmar ranged minion for thematic reasons :slight_smile:


Thanks, words like this really mean a lot :slight_smile: Widow also synergizes nicely with aoe removal (although she herself dies to Plasma), since on an empty board all her damage goes to face.


Ikr and I really wanted to make that work, but MMaw is just so bad compared to other Mag stuff :0 It’s also one of the few factions that have no way to make it difficult for the opponent to play around his effect.


Thoughts on unstable leviathan? I know its incredibly risky, but really fits the artillery theme, along with being a 7 mana 11/11

Great work with putting out another fun deck in the faction that people think they can only play Wanderer Rag in.


I honestly can’t think of a way to sensibly use Leviathan (it’s 7 mana and only +1/+1 compared to Drybone Golem which sees no play, after all). Even Armada is close to being too slow to play in a non-Apex Starhorn deck.


Dispel Faie

Maxidispel is a decktype that I’ve been looking forward to ever since the release of Capricious Marauder. With the latest expansion, Vanar finally has enough dispel-worthy cards to make the combos really happen. Early game, we quickly move to developing big statsticks (Sellsoul, Chaos Elemental, Moose and Marauder) or MaliWisp and try to follow up with a Lightbender play at 4-5 mana. Ideally, you dispel 1-2 of your own minions together with a dispel-worthy enemy target. Marauder should always be played when you have no other minions in play, removal in Dooly is so common that this is the case more often than you’d think. Chaining Marauders is also a surefire way to drain the enemy removals away. EMP should be ramped out with the wisps as soon as possible, if there is a worthy target for it. The game usually finishes from Faie’s typical aggression and/or surprise bursts from AotB or a dispelled Moose (dispelling stun lets Moose to activate the turn after it’s played). 1-off Cryo (which always gives us Moose) is there since 3x Endless Hunt is a bit much even with the low curve.

WR was 5-1 (83 %) in Silver and 9-5 (64 %) in Gold, so a nice 14-6 (70 %) overall.


Oh, seems you really had a bad hand against me. Deck is much more powerful than what I’ve seen.


I also made stupid plays like Lightbender on 7 instead of EMP (I somehow thought I had 8 mana and wanted to play something like Moose with it :D)


Cold Egos

This time we’re building a deck around a cool card, Aspect of Ego. AoE transforms any minion into a random minion of the same mana cost, and while it can be used as a (very) awkward removal, the best Ego combos involve transforming a friendly minion that has already given value. In this deck, there’s a potential Ego combo for almost every point on curve: Lady Locke (although only in desperate situations), MaliWisp, Pink Pony of Death, Jax Truesight and Reliquarian are all possible targets for Ego. Especially Jax gives great value, essentially transforming a Heartseeker into any 6-mana minion, some of which are very good.

Since Truesight is in the deck, I went for the good ol’ Razorback finish with Luminous Charge adding the combo some consistency. Rest of the deck is pretty basic stuff, nothing too flashy really. While Reliquarian doesn’t have any obvious targets here, turning a Razorback or Bear into a Relic while transforming Reliq himself at 8 mana gives more than enough value. This is pretty difficult to achieve though, since the Truesight/Luminous Razorback bursts are far better than the Ego combos and should be the main aim to go for. Since Ego can transform your minions into any faction’s minions, there’s also the possibility to get other factions’ Relics with potentially hilarious outcomes.

WR was 9-6 (60 %) in Gold.


Ohh shit this seems nice and really remind me of my first reliq deck:) (after this i will surely play mine, or maybe yours).

However - i disagree about locke in a desperate situation as someone who plays her for years in any list (trying to) and reqlly master the art of the locke.
Locke + luminous should be your first choice as setting for lethal given this combo is basically a game ender and far stronger then embla for example the only requirement is the opponent needs to have no more then reasonable board and then you basically get a board clear cause your opponent will have to clear these and lose more then enough (they never do) razor back then make everyone of your snowballs into 5 dmg each.

Btw - as a lategame finisher you can always go.
Relic a minion, next turn locke luminous + go face and watch the magic happen XD

However i you run locke i would suggest go full locke package and add 2 blazing spines (a nasty nasty combo on 6, and a good defensive move by itself).

  • maybe try to place 2 copiee of aspect of mountain

Honorable cards to try too - the thorny dude 6 mana 6/6 that kill all the 2 drops, bueatiful card, ruins aggro and get you the combos that you need faster.

Reflection - you got sooo many potential adjusted minions that you can just reflect any close threat into 4 - 5 copies (reflecting shadow dancers is just dreamy).

Aspect of thr drake - 3/4 flying howlers + drake, and sometimes they got provoke, enjoy.

Shit man what have you done, i can’t stop thinking about this this is bueatiful:)


Thanks for the suggestions! Yeah I didn’t even mention the Locke + Luminous combo, I guess I thought it seemed too obvious. The “desperate” refers just to using Ego on Locke which might in rare cases be a correct move. I feel like I just had bad draw luck with Locke, often drawing her t1 and after replace never seeing her when needed. Blazing Spines sounds hilarious, I’ll definitely include that next time when I’ll use Locke. AotM also sounds really good. I’m still learning to play Vanar so my card choices may not be always optimal (also my collection is still lacking), but hopefully I can bring something new to the faction :slight_smile: Oh and Quaoar is one of my favorite cards of the game, I’ll definitely do another round of decks for him at some point!


Let’s go man!! Show us something new:)


I just woke up and reading this gave me a shiver.

Then I realized what AoE is…

Btw, I have everything for the deck, trying it ASAP :slight_smile:

Edit. 2 games, 2 devastating wins… and then a loss against @tobiahu’s Desolator spam deck :crazy_face:


Ass-pect of Ego buff next expansion:
Transforms ALL minions in a 3x3 AoE into random minions of the same cost
Mana +1
Rank up to Epic


Ye Elder Deck

Getting bored of the meta that is Ragnora? Worry not, here’s Ragnora for the rescue! Utilizing the basic golem package for good tempo, Kujata and Flash for ramp and Earth Sphere for stability, this deck aims to ultimately create THICC and big boardstates in the lategame. Silithar Elder and Grimes are the deck’s main wincons. Once something sticks, we use Cascading Rebirth or Fractal Replication to gain even more massive boards (or at 8 mana for the Grimes + Cascading combo). Besides being generally op, Lavaslasher and Makantor also synergize excellently with Cascading and Fractal. All in all it’s a pretty simple but fun deck, with Grimes making every game feel different. Oh and there’s no 4 drops lul, so Flash should be kept almost every game for an early Slasher/Makantor/Grimes/Elder.

I had a really weird run with this deck. I rampaged through Gold with a 6-0 winrate (100 % woot woot), only to hit a brick wall in Diamond with srsly 2/3 of my opponents being either S-Rank top 10 or other top-level players (score was 5-9, 36 %). So overall wr was 11-9 (55 %).


Zoetic Charm seems good here to protect your egg bois.