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Big Jug Gols

This thing may not be highly meme-ic, but most of my latest decklist attempts have met the unfortunate end of getting absolutely smashed by current meta so lul whatevz. The wincon is obviously ramping out Juggernauts (anyone still remember those double Flash-combos?) while just playing it unfair with curves like Metallurgist-Lavaslasher-Purgatos+bbs-Makantor-EMP. Most of the deck is fairly obvious, Flash, Kujata and Celebrant help in ramping while Ragebinder and Purgatos provide some much needed heals on top of a big body. Natural Selection is not the most powerful card for Ragnora and you might prefer Lava Lance, but I found it really handy in some t1-2 removal and almost-empty-board situations. Also, Hailstone Golem mvp. And tells you how Magmar-y and how Golem-y this deck is when it can be perfectly described with like 3 sentences :stuck_out_tongue:

Winrate was a lizardly 17-5 (77 %) in Gold.


How did that work? Flash Reincarnations and Loreweavers?


Wasn’t it that flash could be stacked? So you go flash, flash, Juggernaut for 4 mana and get 4 eggs along side Juggernaut when you summoned it with the flashes.


A Long time ago Flash Reincarnation could stack, similar to the way Darkfire Sacrifice works RN. This made it possible to summon 4 mana Juggernauts that come with 4 eggs, and in extreme cases P1T1 Juggernaut + 6 eggs for 2 mana.


Yep. Basically gg if you couldn’t either clear the Jugg or at least all the eggs, and this could easily happen on p1t2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Random thought here, in the best thread of this forum:
S.I.L.V.E.R. and Hsuku?
The later provides keywords that do not overlap too much with the standard rainbow mechs. Hsuku gives Celerity, Flying,Frenzy, Provoke.

On a silly scale ranging from 0 to Rowan Atkinson, where do I stand?


You are asking for a crusade your way jk


Wow, I’m honored :stuck_out_tongue: I’d say you’re at about Michael Scott level. Worth trying, but might not prove to be exactly what you’d like in the long run.


I definitely want celerity rush Silver


Gonna try this out (and make myself feel better because I crafted 3 Hsukus)
Can’t wait to get some ridiculous keyword spams.


Oh please yes, let us know if anything comes out of it.


Meanwhile, I built a really cool Hatefurnace deck but yet again, it’s barely unplayable. Even almost certain 8 mana otks are pretty trash currently if 2/3 of your deck isn’t full removal and heals :confused: I hate the inevitable speed of this meta… (sry for slight rant)


Well there’s your problem right there. You built a COOL HF deck when HF is supposed to be HOT :fire:


Oh dang, really should’ve known better :stuck_out_tongue: I may try an even more all-in version out still before fully dumping the idea


Hatefurnace: Miguel edition (aka “5 tips on how to find a use for you unused commons”):

So, I finally found a spicy and playable-enough version of this deck. Only 4000 spirit as well, including Hatefurnace! The idea is to play out the trial as fast as you can, while taking mana springs and controlling the board. Planar Scout + Greater Fortitude in front of the central mana spring is an excellent p1t1 play, and Scout can also prevent ramped out Wanderers for a turn (which I’ve encountered in about a third of my games recently, srsly). Carcynus is a prime Amplification target and can get really scary with a couple of buffs. Minos and Thraex proceed the trial with bbs, while Alcuin helps recycle all the 1 mana spells and keeps the hand size decent. I prefer Bellow over Diretide Frenzy and Thumping since it’s in a good spot for proceeding the trial, not costing overly much and giving soft removal.

If you get to finish the trial, the deck is able to close out games real quickly. Thunderhorns with rush and frenzy can lead to some absurd damage, for example hitting the enemy general and 3 minions at the same time is 16 damage, even without buffs. As a plan b, post-trial Purgatos also either finishes the game or heals you a bunch while dealing good damage. Thorns and Purgatosi should be replaced until you are close to completing the trial.

WR was 4-6 (40%) in Diamond. The deck is a little bit more skill-intensive than your usual Magmar deck, so calculating some moves in the late game can take a bunch of thought. I’m sure a better Mag player could achieve much better results with this, the core shell of the deck is quite powerful. It has a bad matchup vs Wanderer Rag though, which ofc sucks :confused:

Magmar deck ideas

Where is the unexpected 1x Worldcore??? You call this a meme knowing you could have a Worldcore otk here? Pff, disgrace


Sry, the 1 game out of like 20 when that would happen is just not worth it :smiley: I did consider Marauder though, he could be really good here.


And who needs Worldcore when you have Planar Scout! Here’s a Scout summoned at t1 moving for the kill at t5:


I see you faced a rare breed of Vespyr Maehv :grin:

Nice deck, btw, I may give it a ride. I love frenzy horns and Purga…ti.


Yes Vespyr Maehv is the sleeper op deck which will surely rise into dominance in the next expansion along with Dervish Kaleos and Wraithling Zir’an :stuck_out_tongue: