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Cards Against Humanity

An unlikely alliance has begun: robots, animals and lizards unite against a common enemy. Yes, that’s right, you. You filthy hoomans, who think you created the robobois, command the animals and deets the Mergmerz. How very, very wrong you are… Lightbender has at least seen the inevitable demise of humanity, joining the side of its oppressors. You should too. That concede button seems so sweet, doesn’t it…

The common goal of defeating hoomans requires cooperation within the alliance. Early game is usually played depending on early draws, either going for a quick MechaZ0r or a dank Calculator play or two. Dooly replace and mulligan mechanics are great in making these seemingly uncoherent game plans into a working whole. The big bois MechaZ0r and Calc support each other by emptying the enemy removal and dispel storages early on. Sometimes even two answered threats in a row is fine when you can close the game out with a third one.

The heart of the deck is its three seemingly background 2-offs, which support both pet and mech game plans: Z0r is an obvious choice who provides a small buff for Calc as well as giving great Mech synergy cards and the occasional MechaZ0r himself. Razor Skin provides pets and draw, and adds a neat small buff to the understatted mech swarm as well. Ghoulie gives a great buff for Calc and procs Seismoid as well. Seismoid, Starhorn’s bbs, Razor Skin and Z0r allow us to have an early curve. The deck is completed with its combo potential, with MechaZ0r/Sword + Rebuke for an instant bomb or Flash+Makantor/Rawr for some neat value.

Wr was 15-5 (75 %) in Gold/Silver.


I just realized that I linked your Abyssian decklist thread on the wiki but not this one :frowning:

Fixed now! https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Decklists#Decklist_Collections

I also crafted the 2 missing Rawrs :smiley:


Thanks! Between this and the Abyss thread, you have about 10 different Calc + Rawr lists to choose from :stuck_out_tongue:


Is Ghoulie considered a battlepet when in action bar? I.e. for Calculator stats?

Also. Given you have full deck of tribal minions, what do you think of including Feralu?


Yes, Ghoulie is any tribe almost anywhere (there are some small exceptions but this isn’t one).

I’ve tried Feralu in a couple decks like this before, but it was always pretty meh. If it was an opening gambit it would be playable, but now it always will be removed due to its horrible 3 health and then all your 1-health tribe stuff just dies :confused:


Wizard Ragnora

Ever get bored while playing Duelyst? Want to give a big middle finger to the whole meta and play something totally nonsensical? Want to give beginners in Silver a taste of sweet frustration™? Boi I do have a deck for you.

Let’s go over a couple of teh cards:

  • Abjudicator? An absolute staple for Murgmar.
  • Manaforger? Dat combo with Natural Selection.
  • Mind Steal? Who wouldn’t want a 4-mana Cryptographer without opening gambit?
  • Nature’s Confluence? It’s Fog time baby.
  • Chrysalis Burst? Thank goodness Dooly has basically no good AoE anywhere.

Well, I think you know what to do.

(Serious note: in reality you just stall and meme hard, and finish with style with Finality into Bounded Lifeforce).

Wr was 14-6 (70 %) in Silver.

Ps: You thought discounted Finality at 8 is cool? Check out some of these Abjudicated combos:

  • Chrysalis Burst + Egg Morph
  • Double Nature’s Confluence
  • Double Earth Sphere + Spikes

I lurked the replays and the first part of the description is so accurate lol :smile:


Watch out Hai, Miguel is coming for you.


I’m part of your battel pet club Miguel, and I love it!

Edit, this deck is far from optimized, will repost later.
Edit2: there.


Welp, the next ideas I’d like to try all require a 5000+ investment in spirit :confused: so, don’t expect new lists from me quickly while I grind the bosses and maybe an occasional Gauntlet run…

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How can it be you have such a small collection? :thinking: I thought we old veterans have practically everything we need.


For a long time I DE’d everything not Abyssian/neutral (which worked great for the first year or two). So, it has taken some time to gather a collection for the other factions (and still does).

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Got a loss today with Mech Battle Pets but I used Rebuke twice for face damage :smiley:

But the list is weak against Vetruvian with their Readers and Blood of Air I think. The other cards can’t keep up with Golem quality.


Yeah Vet carry so much removal in general that it’s a difficult matchup for any Calculator deck I think. Best chance is going into multiple huge Calculators asap before they get to 5 mana clearing.


Seeing @miguelosz has created a million Calculator decks, I’ve tried to make my own Calculator deck. I am HumanCalc after all :snowchaser:.

Crimson Calc

Originally was a normal Calculator deck. I added Aethermaster to increase the chance of getting an early Calculator (and getting battle pets in hand). Then I added more and more replace stuff and became a Replace Calculator hybrid deck :smiley:.
Calligrapher nicely refills hand and help finish games.


Pretty smart! :slightly_smiling_face: and yet another blend that can be translated for other factions.


Nice! The possibilities really are endless :slight_smile: I always felt that Hai had the weakest power level for Calc builds, so yours is a welcome addition in that sense too.


gonna take over the thread with a very questionable deck :slight_smile:

looks terrible isn’t it? i know! you might want to know that the winrate is actually pretty good on this one, in diamond (currently rank 4).

i guess the buildings and artifacts works well since they both work on diffrent ranges.

your thoughts?


I have some replays on my channel with Massacre Artist decklist from Zohan (decklist is included).

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Ohh I know the deck but wanted to include build and reva