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@miguelosz should be immortal now :slight_smile:


Awesome, a thousand thanks!

And happy immortality to me, I guess :wink: :smiley:


Structured Strategies

Whaddup fellas? I’m back with a fresh build from Bromeland. This time we’re showing some love to Lyonar buildings a’la Ironcliffe Monument and friends, which combo well with the ever-so-inevitable and game-winning Strategos (besides the fact that Architect-T2K5 only gives a single proc to the trial:-( ).

You’ve got two possible routes to victory playing this deck:

  1. Go for a basic Strategos trial swag, delay the opponent and use Jax Truesight and heals to overpower them in the value game.
  2. Build Ironcliffe Monument, preferably ramped with a Timekeeper. This can be a game-ender all by itself in just a couple of turns (unless you’re playing against Vaath), but it’s especially rude when followed up with Strategos.

And don’t forget these combos:

  • When possible, position your Monument so that you can get extra Ironcliffes out of Dreamgazer, Crestfallen, Mini-Jax and/or Zyx’s clone.
  • Transforming Strategos into Ironcliffe allows him to benefit from the trial (promoting also himself at the end of turn).
  • Timekeeper can be combo’d with Architect-T2K5 or Vigilator post-trial for some instant value plays and to not run out of cards. Legions from promoting 2-drops also help a ton in giving some draw.
  • A successful double Architect-T2K5 play surprisingly gives not only two, and not three but a whopping four cards for a quick hand refill (at least from what I quickly counted in the one game I got this done)
  • Lifestream both helps in keeping Monuments alive, as well as speeding up the trial when used on Zyx, or to give extra heals when used on Herald.

Wr was 15-5 (75 %) in Gold/Silver.


I actually recently tried my hand at a Monument deck after having a crazy 20 turn battle of attrition that renewed my love for Lyonar. This looks really fun.


Neat deck! I want to ask about the Bastion - I can see how it’s on-theme in a deck based around Structures, but it doesn’t seem to have any special synergies beyond giving you a Strategos proc, and the power level is pretty low. How did you find it played for you?

The Build transformation timings are a little weird. As you note, Architect “sees” everything that builds at the same time as it does, but in the same scenario, Vigilator’s buff is always lost on adjacent build minions. My guess as to what’s happening in the latter case is that he buffs the building structures themselves and then it’s lost when they transform, but I don’t really understand how. The order in which the cards are played doesn’t seem to matter.

Some additional trickiness when Build interacts with other effects: If you play a Timekeeper next to a Monument, causing it to finish building, Timekeeper will transform into an Ironcliffe. The same is true if you get a Monument off of Grimes’ Opening Gambit. In the opposite direction, however, if you get a Gate to the Undervault off of Grimes’ Dying Wish then the Gate will “see” Grimes’ death and spawn a demon. The former makes sense following the paradigm that Opening Gambits occur before the minion enters the board, but I can’t reason out the latter.


Thanks! Ah right, I forgot to mention the Timekeeper-instant Ironcliffe combo. This should definitely be used whenever possible. Bastion is there mainly for the lolz, but most people are pretty keen on removing it so usually it got around its cost worth of value.

That’s the same thought process I had on these build interactions. But I also have no idea on the Gate one :smiley: Dooly do be weird sometimes!


Long time ago I met someone in S who also used liturgy as an additional wincon in such deck. I don’t remember the exact minions he used, but Liturgy finisher even before trial completion was pretty…infuriating, to say the least.

Given that aside Monument you also play Vigilator, Bastion and some cheap high health minions, what do you think of it?


Interesting idea! I would need to play the deck differently with that in mind, so it’s difficult to say how effective it would be. Vigilator is mainly a 3/4 which survives a turn and procs the trial, his effect is difficult to fully utilize until the combo with Timekeeper at 7 mana. And Bastion is usually removed instantly… but yeah I could see Liturgy working, maybe as a 1- or 2-off alternative wincon.


Arcanyst Bbshai

I haven’t played Songhai arcanysts before, and first tried a couple memier builds which unfortunately weren’t quite effective enough for my tastes. So, next I went on to this thingie which has a bit less memes than usual but is plenty fun to play still to compensate for that :slight_smile: We have tons of arcanysts who snowball easily through spell procs, and the bbs package of Crypto-Mentor to really exploit Shidai’s bbs to the fullest. Juxtaposition, Assassination Protocol and Gotatsu double as cheap spell procs and soft removal, and especially Juxta is great for buffs early on since using it doesn’t depend on getting the mana tiles. Owlbeast should be prioritized early on to get a more resilient board, while Kindling and Bloodrage Mask can quickly end games when the opponent gets below 15 hp. Four Winds Magi is the perfect minion for this deck, providing heals, slight burn and a removal target all at once. I added one Twin Strike since I was too lazy to craft a third OBS, adding a Lightbender or two is also a good option although positioning with it might be a bit tricky in this deck. I’m not a huge fan of Hai in general as you may know, but I feel like this deck has a good balance between board control and burn without going overboard on the latter :slight_smile:

Wr was 16-4 (80 %) in Diamond/Gold.


Love your list.

I did also experiment a lot with ArcaHai which can translate into burn via spellprocs, 4WM and BRM and there’s a combo list I still love to play in my Arcanyst Works, which is called BlueOwl SpellHai. Going to try yours when I have some free time.


I think Mentor is the reason I like it so much. Late game if you have just a Mentor and a single other minion on board, just with bbs and no cards from hand you get 4 spell procs which is pretty amazing :stuck_out_tongue:


Btw, I see only two minions above 3atk, so I question the choice of AssProt over inner focus.


True, it’s a flexible choice. I used T2 Owlbeast + Protocol quite often (sometimes with Juxta), so for me it worked ok. But there are some situations too where you’d prefer an extra hit to the face.


I saw your Mech Battle Pets deck :slight_smile:

Looked fun, it also has the very neat option of Mechaz0r + Sword + Rebuke for sneaky 7 mana 9 damage frenzy out of hand burst :smiley:


Yep, it’s a neat deck :slight_smile: List will arrive here once I get enough games with it.


Cards Against Humanity

An unlikely alliance has begun: robots, animals and lizards unite against a common enemy. Yes, that’s right, you. You filthy hoomans, who think you created the robobois, command the animals and deets the Mergmerz. How very, very wrong you are… Lightbender has at least seen the inevitable demise of humanity, joining the side of its oppressors. You should too. That concede button seems so sweet, doesn’t it…

The common goal of defeating hoomans requires cooperation within the alliance. Early game is usually played depending on early draws, either going for a quick MechaZ0r or a dank Calculator play or two. Dooly replace and mulligan mechanics are great in making these seemingly uncoherent game plans into a working whole. The big bois MechaZ0r and Calc support each other by emptying the enemy removal and dispel storages early on. Sometimes even two answered threats in a row is fine when you can close the game out with a third one.

The heart of the deck is its three seemingly background 2-offs, which support both pet and mech game plans: Z0r is an obvious choice who provides a small buff for Calc as well as giving great Mech synergy cards and the occasional MechaZ0r himself. Razor Skin provides pets and draw, and adds a neat small buff to the understatted mech swarm as well. Ghoulie gives a great buff for Calc and procs Seismoid as well. Seismoid, Starhorn’s bbs, Razor Skin and Z0r allow us to have an early curve. The deck is completed with its combo potential, with MechaZ0r/Sword + Rebuke for an instant bomb or Flash+Makantor/Rawr for some neat value.

Wr was 15-5 (75 %) in Gold/Silver.


I just realized that I linked your Abyssian decklist thread on the wiki but not this one :frowning:

Fixed now! https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Decklists#Decklist_Collections

I also crafted the 2 missing Rawrs :smiley:


Thanks! Between this and the Abyss thread, you have about 10 different Calc + Rawr lists to choose from :stuck_out_tongue: