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Thread introduction (drumroll):

With a bit longer than usual time span between Trials of Mythron and the next expansion, I found myself actually having time to create some decks for other factions besides my dearest Abyssian. While I’m not too fond of needing to keep bumping two threads instead of just one, I thought creating a new thread would be the best solution since most of the faction-specific threads are either inactive or locked at this point. So, unlike my main Abyss deck & discussion thread, which is open to all kinds of Abyss-related decks & discussion topics, this is much more just me testing and posting various decks.

A few points I guess I should note:

  1. I will be creating decks for Magmar, Vetruvian and Vanar, mostly in that order. Just personal preferences, no other reasons for that really. I DE everything for Songhai and Lyonar so nothing coming up for them unfortunately unless I suddenly get infinite amounts of spirit and time from somewhere.
  2. I almost always test (the final versions of) my decks for 20-or so games, and since I typically play 2-5 games a day and my main interest is still creating new stuff for Abyss, this is a more of a long-term project. So if you come here three months after this post and wonder why there’s still no Vanar decks anywhere, it’s this reason. I like to take my time.
  3. These are memes, mostly meaning that I like to test the limits of my creativity and not always go for the most obvious card choices. My collection for these factions is also not as vast as for Abyss and neutrals, although I try to craft cards when within the reach of my spirit storages.
  4. Glhf!


A topic about decklists that has no decklists? IS THIS THE MEME THREAD?!


Make my snowy people proud.


A lil triggered by you DE songhai, but vanar memes sound good.


Mechhorn: Q Edition

Here we go! Qatar has grown slowly to be one of my favorite cards. For my previous Q decks:
Q Aggro Cass: Miguel's Abyss deck and discussion space
Q Creep Cass: Miguel's Abyss deck and discussion space

Mechhorn is a fun deck in itself, but with Q it becomes even more fun. The 1-2 drop package of the deck provides draw and mill (Seismoid, Replicant, Z0r), dispel (Shroud), soft removal (Metaltooth), heal (Herald) and manaspring reach (Wings). You can even get the occasional Mechaz0r combining Helms, Wings and whatever Z0r provides, or straight from Z0r. The early game plan is to just generally try to be annoying with all different mechs planted into your opponent’s face and milling them with Seismoid and bbs. From 4-5 mana on you either do Flash Makantor or Flash Decispikes, or if they are unavailable go for an on-curve Q.

Once Q hits the board, your deck becomes 3 Flash, 3 Makantor, 3 Decimus, 3 Spikes and 2 Q (minus the ones played or in hand of course). Seems legit :smile: Most won games are ended with something like 6 mana Q, 7 mana Decispikes and 8 mana (Deci) Spikes + bbs. Dem feels when you consistenly get to draw all your broken cards in the endgame. Matchup-wise decks that put on tough pressure on the board like Lyonar or swarm are toughest for the deck, since it has a limited amount of answers in the early game.

WR was 3-0 in Silver and 9-1-7 in Gold, so 60 % overall.


See point 2 of the op. I added the word “space” now to the title for clarity.


Darn, two mentions for Vanar and they’re at the bottom of my list : D Have patience everyone!


I hope to see some new memes.

working on deathwish nemeton as we speak

*i know it’ll turn out horrible but **** it



Oooh I’ll be waiting for this, I love “Vanar Morghulis” decks :slight_smile:


I have a deck similar to this but instead of mechs it just uses solid 2 drops. Also got a OTK Worldcore golem deck for Magmar, which went 6-1 in gold near the end of last season.


I’m actually thinking about making a similar deck to this (unfortunately I have low spirit and don’t have many legendaries) that runs on Q, replicant + mirrorims, S.I.L.V.E.R, metaltooth, (seismoid) kujata, Omega, and Apex basically running a full on spam of replicants until Q and then drop an OTK Omega from Apex with rush.

Hope you could test it for me (or I might create it myself with lucky orb drops)

Deck would maybe look like:


Qatar is our new name for our dearest Qtiepie now? They’re a country now huh :thinking:


Sry I don’t test other people’s decks really since I have a limited time for playing. I’m always up for discussing decks however! Funny that you mentioned Omega, I do have a deck in the works for him but it looks a bit different. Your combo is very cool and powerful, but it requires you to have Metaltooth, Omega and Apex all at hand at the same time so I’m a bit worried about consistency. Then again Q does help a ton with consistency so it might just work. Let us know if you are able to test the deck :slight_smile:

Btw I think we played each other yesterday (I was the one messing around with Darkspines) :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes nobody can write his name without copypasta, so it’s just this stupid joke about starting with Q and putting whatever you feel like after that. Kinda like Benedictus Cucumbertouch. Qtiepie is a good one too!


lul, never seen this one :rofl: :+1:


Bumps don’t bother you much when you’re a gigantic lizard.


I’ve been thinking up a deck that utilizes the full heal potential of Breath and echoes to maintain high-value minions. What are your thoughts on the creation of such a deck @miguelosz and @alplod?

Miguel's Abyss deck and discussion space

I replied to this in the Abyss deckspace :slight_smile:


out of topic, but i don’t know how should i feel because i actually know q’orrhlma’a by memory. i feel like i wasted my life on dickhead dooli to know this guy’s name


That’s actually in-topic :smiley: cool, here have a Sirpenti for your achievement! :sirpenti: