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Beautiful! A nice excuse to craft Ghost Seraphim, so I did. :smiley:

Do you have any piloting tips?


Replace all spells besides Fissure for the first couple turns, so you get a good amount of flyers and Wisps on board. Then start looking for a burst turn with the decks three 4-6 cost power spells, or just a lucky flyer minion spam with 2-3 Skywings. Almost always Fissure the enemy faice™ if you can. There’s not so much removal, so try to be creative with it :slight_smile:

Let me know if you’d like any more specific info after trying it out!


Arcanyst Ilena

Ever thought that Ilena is so bad, that new builds for her are on ice? Think again (yeh it’s kinda true tho). This deck rides on the tried and tested ever-so-wondrous Swolbeast-Illusionist-Polarity combo, while running a decent amount of draw with Vespyric Call, Frigid Corona, Essence Sculpt and Blue Conjurer which all give fuel to the general swaggity-swarmcanyst gameplan. Ilena’s favorite tools Yggdra, Gauntlet and Hearth-Sister provide some removal and tempo to not fall flat in the face in the early game. I also chose to bring in Shatter, which although somewhat lackluster gives yet another spellproc while removing things.

The inherent randomness in Vespyric Call, Essence Sculpt and Conjurer give the deck a decent amount of variety and spice. The deck’s “plan C” wincon is a buffed on-curve 6 mana Ancient Grove while having some swarm up (really, I’m only half kidding). The deck plays out very defensively, so each trade and positioning matters. Besides this, it has the added downside of really feeling like “Duelyst in hard mode”, as rng, bad replace luck, bad matchups, dispel, burn, meta tiredness and yesterday’s weather (among other things) can screw you over. If you’re not afraid of a little challenge and want to play Ilena, feel free to try this thingie! At 6000 spirit it’s basically a Vanar budget deck :wink:

Wr was a “slightly salted” 8-7 (53 %) in Gold.


it would be evil if in lategame you made a big circle out of the remaining minions with a hole in the middle and made 9 seraphims with flawless reflection


Reflection is a pretty bad spell for this deck’s general purposes tho :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah, but just imagine it. just, feel the stupidness. let it flow through you, and embrace it.


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