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The lack of Iridium scale irritates me. You dont run makantor, but why not become Makantor yourself


I feel like vaath is a huge problem for duelyst
-realy strong
-REALY easy to play
-hardcounters A TON of stuff
-has basicly no hard counter.Sure dispell helps but theres no matchup(aside fault kha) that makes vaath think: ,damm,how am i going to win this?,

As toxic fault kha is…a small potion of me is happy about it because it bullys vaath out of the meta


Vaath is lesser, imo, as simply the pileup of old Magmar design (ME STRONK ME WIN) with new (ME FAT ME WIN) is what makes it annoying. Other classes also have some even nastier self-growth power (i adore outrunning smash Vaath as smash Zir). I’m going to win him by going so big he can’t just punch my face without suiciding.

While i’ll agree that Magmar needs some minor reworks, it ain’t that hard as people make to deal with The Green Child.


I did consider running it, but there’s so much removal anyway I didn’t feel it was a must. Would definitely work well in place of some other removal.


I feel like Vaath is a necessary counter for many decks, however his matchups being so polarized (yes, quite often being in his favor) is the real issue. Not having true hard counters is what is most annyoing about Wanderer/some other trials for many people, myself included. Balance is imo what makes things perfect (like counters being favored smh like 60-40 to the decks they counter, instead of like 80-20 given equal skill).


Could this bump be the Q4 content?


A sudden frosty bump appears…


A sudden frosty bump? That sounds like the title of a lore contest submission

(Which you can find here:

Duelyst Lore Contest November 2018 - January 2019)

Don’t tell me you’re holding back on my account, go ahead, submit it! The worst that’ll happen is a few free orbs…


Heh, I’m afraid that with all the end-of-year hassles I can’t contribute this time sry :stuck_out_tongue: