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A dark bump

Also remember to check my Dark Memes lists! Next one is in the works, but slowly since I haven’t had a lot of time to play lately. :upside_down_face:


Here we go again! As I said I’ve played on a bit slower pace than normally due to time problems. Hopefully I’ll still get enough games to get to Diamond, so I won’t have to torment any low Silver players with my silliness next month… :sirpenti:

Floor of Death

The name of the deck comes from an arc of a fine manga I’m currently reading, which has quite many character/thematic similarities with the minions here, especially the star of the deck Stygian Observer. Observers also are a piece of equipment throughout the series.

The deck is built to maximize the Observer’s deathwatch effects, with just seven spells: even with just 2 procs (one bbs worth of wraithlings) you can get silly stuff like 7/5 Desolators, 6/7 Elkowls (preferably with rush), 7/6 tigers and of course 10/10 Revs. Have to also note that nothing is a better feeling than slamming down two 13/14s for 1 mana :smiley: That value tho.

Phantasm provides attack buffs which almost all of the minions really like, while providing a good turn 1 play and removal target. I like to play it in the corner, since ramping into Deso or Tiger is not that great and it targets all kinds of removal and attention like a sponge. Void Talon is silly with Stygian (8/3 from a single proc) and provides bodyblock, and Vorpal is just a power play on curve or played one after another, who fits into pretty much all non-aggro Lilithe lists.

For other minion-based removals, we’ve got the good ol’ Shroud and the lost but not forgotten Rainbow AoE Pony of Death. Azure for heals, some staples and a couple DFC to capitalize on the occasional situations when you have a lot of stuff on the field, and you’re good to go. This is not exactly a typical swarm build, but I feel like Lilithe is now one card away from having a quite viable and powerful slower deathwatch deck, which could win either really quickly or through lategame power plays. Big Abyss could be coming back, maybe?

15/21 (71% winrate) in Gold, so I guess it’s a pretty nicely working list. If you main Lili like I do and got spirit lying around, you should definitely get a couple of Stygians! Fun, powerful and fair, the way I like it :slight_smile:


I would ask why theres no ash mephyt, but the deck looks a bit cramped as it is


Indeed. Mephyt is also only mediocre with Phantasm and just horrible when played without buffs.