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Ohh, did I? I can’t remember the result though. Could you drop the replay here? It would be a great showcase of the deck




Ok yep that’s pretty nice


Hello all, i wanted to make a deck that uses chittering tiller for ladder, here is one that i have made. So far it has a 48% win rate (13/27). Can you guys help me improve this deck?


The Titter deck I’m working on ends in the new Creep Provoke demon. I don’t think I’d play Void Talon, Revenant, Tahr or Jammer personally but they could work. If I’m being honest, there aren’t really any bad cards in your deck so if you’re losing that much you should evaluate your play. The only card that seems really out of place is Nethermeld, since you have no other creep support.

Where’s the weaknesses in the deck? Does your hand run out of cards? Do you not deal enough damage? Trouble handling your opponent’s board? Does your hand brick too much? Do you have trouble with aggressive decks?


I put nethermeld for positioning my minions or enemies, like moving my tiller, tahr, thunderhorn so they can hit more than one enemy. My idea of this deck is to combine good hitting minions with positioning spells and effect.

As for weakness im not really sure since i forgot most of my defeats, i think i kinda have a hard time when my minions gets removed, because usually i require a set up before dealing some good damage (like dropping thunderhorn or tahr away from enemies hoping that they would survive the enemy’s turn). Or maybe its just a bad play on my end. Maybe i should take out jammer, but i dont know what i should replace her with.


I understand why Nethermeld is in the deck, I’m just telling you that the card is significantly weaker without any other creep building effects.

Removal of your minions shouldn’t be too much of a problem as Cassyva doesn’t have many issues with dealing with a board, and if your opponent is spending every turn dealing with threats you have an advantage. But who knows, sometimes things look great on paper and just aren’t.


I made a very similar Nethermeld deck before (look near the beginning of this thread). The main problem with Nethermeld is that it’s key combo card, Sphere of Darkness rotated. I’d suggest you consider Repulsor Beast or Recombobulus in place of Nethermeld, or to add Painful Pluck. There’s indeed nothing majorly wrong with your deck, it’s just that creep rotation hurt the Abyss movement plan really bad even with the addition of Tiller.




hahah good luck with that


Wandering Swarm (Miguel edition)

Here’s what I used this season to go to Diamond from Gold 9. Most of you are probably aware of the deck’s power, and I can also testify that it’s definitely a quite powerful deck, suited for laddering. I haven’t looked much into what other people are using in their Mythron Wanderer Swarm, but many of the card choices are probably quite similar to other decks. The highlander decktype allows for good variance in deckbuilding, which can lead to very interesting and surprising matches (although some of the Mythron decks’ highrolls feel quite stupid).

A word for what I consider to be the more important cards here:

DFS: Obviously the main tool to abuse with Wanderer. Slap a Shiro Puppydragon or Azure Herald p1t1, grab a mana tile next turn and summon a turn 2 7/7 which makes your deck snowball the more the game goes on. It’s been since pre-nerf Variax when we last broke Dankfire, but this is a good reminder that 2 mana-ramp cards can be reeally scary.

Moonrider: Wanderer at 6 mana, followed by Moonrider + bbs at 7 is my favorite play with the deck. A 7/7, a 5/5 and two 2/2s for 7 is just so good. I’m happy that Kamenrider has finally found a place where he really shines.

Saberspine Alpha: Revenant obviously shines with the +1/+1 bonus, but Alpha also becomes a 7 mana 6/6 which as we all know can be really powerful.

Dancing Blades: 5/7 with 3 damage opening gambit is some serious value.

Shadowdancer and Kelaino: Just goody good swarmy healing as always. Kelaino especially likes to be at 4 health instead of 3.

Furor Chakram: A strong play when combined with pretty much any minion on the deck.

We put in eight turn one plays, Mentor, Sentinels and Conjurer for draw, some dispel. healing and removal and a surprise Betrayal and that’s about it. Nothing really special, but a reliable, decent deck :slight_smile: Winrate was 15-5 (75%) through Gold.


Was too lazy to make my own Wanderer Lilithe list, but will definitely try yours. Looks promising.

Too many 1-ofs though.


Lul n00b y so many 1-ofz totali unplayable


been running a deck like this! wanderer is the most fun myth card ive used feelsgood


I almost feel dirty. I wanted to see if piloting any other faction, but Vetruvian, was really what I thought it’d be.


Just… wow


Since I am getting tired of playing only Gate to the Undervault I thought I might as well share my list for those interested. If any Abyss mains want to try it I recommend replacing Rescue RX with Desolater.

Building Gate is supposed to be the main plan but since that doesn’t work all the time we have other wincons in BMP + Shadowdancer, BMP + Mnemovore, unanswered Mnemovores and unanswered Tunderhorns.

To my great Surprise I discovered that Gate itself isn’t half as bad as I originally expected, It isn’t a great card but it isn’t utter garbage either. If they remove it, there is less removal for your other minions and if they don’t you autowin (I only lost two games with a fully built gate, both of which were against Songhai). In my experience Gate is good against Wanderer decks, Strategos, and Ragnora, Neutral against Vanar (who would have thought :thonk:) and bad against Vaath, Vet and Songhai (Grr Songhai, I finally understand why most of the Abyss mains hate them).

Milling your opponent with Mnemovore is usually harder to do than building Gate but possible if you get a BMP to stick.

Also, the deck can easily run out of cards so I think Desolater would be good here, even moreso since he is also another removal magnet.

Lastly, even though this is the only Abyss deck I made that had a possitive winrate in Diamond please remember that this is only a meme deck not designed for competitive play.


Heh, Looks like my old Gate Lilithe. You know how I built mine? On a swarm engine with furiosa/crypto/chackram/grimwar and Variax for alternative wincon (works better than memevore imo)


Yep I don’t even want to guess my wr against Songhai this season, it’s so bad :smiley: This list basically screams Vorpal Reaver, since it’s yet another must-remove target and combos with both Shadowdancer and Mnemovore. I’d probably switch out Operant for it, although you’re clearly trying to ramp into a 4-drop.


Yeah, Vorpal Reaver would be really good here for all the reasons you mentioned, but sadly I don’t own any copies of him or he would have surely made it in the list.


And some of the Abyss mains also main Songhai :confused:

On alternative wincone I kinda agree with @alexx55 that Variax is more stable and consistent than Mnemovore. Or you can pack healing and Doom as an alternative…hm… I think @galaxydueler may like this…