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Baehv: the one thing capable of uniting Isbee and Longshot


You mean because you don’t all play Doom?


No, there is a certain bird flying around with his false Idols of cancer


Khanuum-ka? 15egyptians


No idiot its



oh. 15characters.


What would you say about this deck for non-memes?

or diss


Above: Shadowdancer is p much always better than Kelaino for Lilithe. Below list looks nice, just consider if you need Gloomchaser, Wraithling Swarm to get still more use of the Crown. Also if it fits I’d add Chakram to list 1 and another finisher to list 2.


How didn’t I notice those Aphotic Drain and Deathmark at first, in the second list? They are honestly just bad (unless you’re playing Xor, for Aphotic)


I’m always so confused on what this is.


I’ll swap those out for swarm and gloomchaser.


You should add Lure. Swarm is probably better than Gloomchaser, it’s always a nice player 1 turn 2 play


Maybe its his way of saying phoenixtoashes


swarm and lure it is then.


Play Shadowdancer instead of Kelaino in Lilithe, don’t play Blood Echoes, Deathmark or Aphotic Drain except for memes, and if you play Furosa (or wraithlings in general) you absolutely 100% need Cryptographer.

Drop Furosa in the first list and stick to DW. Also, and this is important, play Daemonic Lure in every Abyssian deck you ever make. It’s one of the best cards in the entire game and one of the only staples Abyss has. Actually, I think it’s the ONLY universal Abyssian staple.

Say it out loud and you’ll understand.

Ecks Dee


So my report with Nightshroud Maehv… Unplayable pile of hot garbage. You may complete the trial, but after that you inevitably lose, even if you make every tile on the field have a sarlac, they still kill you, because apparently trial deletes all the healing cards from your deck, not to be seen ever again. If this deck wants to shine, it needs more healing, more bodies, and a useful aoe.
Edit: It does win some games, but it agaisnt people who play Kensho vortex, so that doesnt count
Edit 2: Went on a 5 win streak. I will post the new deck and let you discuss it. @miguelosz


Yeah that’s my general experience with Xor too :confused: sad, since Nightshroud looks like it’s made for that deck


Ooh nice! Prophet seems so fitting for this list. At what turn do you generally get the trial off? Nice and simple, I’m liking it :slight_smile:


I played a mirror against you and this deck did put in some good work for sure


Most of the time I manage to drop trial on 7 or 8 mana, so quite consistently. Im thinking of replacing owlbeasts with Desos though and maybe add in 3rd nightshroud.