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Please put on your sarcasm detectors

You know how Abyssian has been just the cr*ppiest faction for the last few months, heck half a year? As we watch everyone else get stuff like Haruspex, Accumulonimbus and Ddoshai, what do we get? Hexclaw. Yippee. Feels so powerful.


What can we do then? Today’s your lucky day! I have just the solution for you sir. Play your opponent’s deck! Steal a bunch of their minions with Bound Tormentor, Rot9M, Demonic Conversion and Unleash the Evil! Make the rest obey your command with Mindlathe and Betrayal! Steal their deck with Unfathomable Rite! Steal their dignity with Gibbet + Lure!

Ok about the real gameplay: this deck has no 4-drops (ikr) so we don’t care about ramping into one as p1t2. Thus I like to play Gibbet in front of my general, to threaten the middle mana spring. Equipping Spectral Blade is also good for this as always. Early game we look for Gibbet, Spectral, Demonic Conversion and Bound Tormentor, while we then switch the focus to finding Reapers, EMPs and finally either Lure+Betrayal or Unleash the Evil for a finisher. In the middle of all this stuff, we can use whatever we get from thieving: for example 5/6 Thunderhorns, 5/8 Lavaslashers and most of all 5/5 Makantors seem to be quite gud on curve.

My top 3 finishes with the deck:
3.Grandmaster Kreygasm stolen with Rot9M
2.Betrayaling two Meltwater Mooses
1.A 5/7 Zendo from Demonic Conversion, and a second Zendo with rush and flying a couple turns later. Yeah mindcontrol baybe :smiling_imp:

As usual, the winrate: 6-3 (67%) in Silver, 6-5 (55%) in Gold, so 60% altogether. Meme on you crazy diamonds!


How has your Nightshroud Xor been doing on ladder lately, if you have played it? I’m curious cause it looks fun and I rarely play other people’s decks so haven’t tried it myself :slight_smile:


I have played this type of the deck and have to admit - I couldn’t make it even remotely viable. But I believe in you :slight_smile:


I havent played around with it in a while, but i will try it out tonight, so i’ll post some results later
Edit: Won`t be able to get any games in since i came back half an hour ago and school is tommorow, so I have to go to sleep(its 10pm currently for me).


I hardly play abyssian, but I have this deck in the wings now for when I do, any changes I could make.


Can you add in sarlacs? If yes, switch to Maehv and add in The trial? Kelaino actually shines in Maehv


Is trial worth it?


It makes your Dying wishes infinite value. It is a great finisher, which in your case looks like is deso spam, in which case switch over to cas


oh shit true, I will try this.


I’d say yes. If you are playing an overall solid deck that has a chance to trigger trial there’s no reason not to run it, IMO. In worst case scenario you will have 1 less card in action bar whole game.


So if you are going over to trial I’d recommend these changes:
Lilithe to Maehv.
1 hexclaw for trial
Operants for sarlacs?
Find place for aphotic


updated version.


Dont cut Gibbets. That minion is too good, especially against swarm brome. I would say get rid of operants instead. And hexclaw aint great, so 2-off in my book,but do as you feel is better


update 1.2


Looks great, post some results later!


I could’ve provided some Lilithe advice without Xor, but since you went the Maehv way it’s looking good for that :slight_smile:

Btw I’ve tried Xor a bit but it just doesn’t fit my playstyle at all :thonk: at least for now. That, and my laptop simply can’t handle infinite Sarlacs :lyogiggle:


In my opinion your deck is significantly downgraded by switching to Xor Maehv. Your opponents will play aggressive and tear you apart. The first deck you posted looks far stronger, and the only changes I would make would be cutting Vellumscry and maybe Kelaino.

If you’re sticking with Xor memes, however, I think the deck looks great but you should still cut Vellumscry, don’t need it when you have Deso and the infinitely better Nekomata.


Yep Baehv is just in a sad sad place now :confused:


With that whip, I am not sure you can call her anything else…:sweat:


‘yes master, you come before anyone else’ :insert_lewd_emote_here: