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But only if you have enough arcanysts, i have lost games because i dont draw my prismatic after the trial is done, resulting in only 1-2 hp pings, like, deso would just be beter at that point


Honestly, there are 2 things that the trial deck needs to be succesful: Card draw and heals.
For card draw: 0-1 mana spell, destroy a friendly minion to draw a card or cheap dying wish minion with draw a card, 2 mana pref.
For heals: 2 mana 2/2 Dying wish heal general for 2, or a 1 mana aphotic drain with less heal, maybe 3-4 hp


Probably there’s a reason to play blue conjurer over Firestarter. I see that Firestarter is really good with reviving 1/1 rush sparks, but health swing could be more important.


Glory to the Cult!

Yayyy finally able to play, I’ve given you a headstart but you know dem decks are a-coming :slight_smile: For starters, here’s a stupid deck I created for Unranked: proceeded to very easily stomp through the 7-game quest with a 6-1 score (one game was lost due to unlucky draws).

Double ramp that doubles as a turn 1 play is just bonkers. If you survive through the first 2-3 turns with more than 15 health (and why wouldn’t you, since Dioltas and Lure exist) you’re relatively safe to conquer the board with a steady stream of 9Moons, Vorpals, Grimes and Dioltases. If anything sticks, throw in Chakram, retreat with Lili and watch your opponent have fun. While it’s nice to have my favorite archetype be one of the strongest decks in a game mode, decks like this existing seriously raise my concerns about anything not-broken being viable in Unranked… Well, better have fun as long as it’s fun I guess?


Actual question, did you consider Maehv for this list


Not really? Bbs -> less starting health -> (sometimes) dead Maehv in this case. Dying wish healing options are pretty lacking unfortunately, so you would be relying on drawing Desolators too much.


Maehv actually isn’t the best general for Dying Wish because Dying Wish usually likes to last until the end game and Maehv just can’t. She’s actually the worst general for this list as she dies too fast and has no hard removal like Ritual or Punish.

Good list. Very similar to some of mine, but that’s not surprising lol


Just want to put it here. Nice meme. I’m proud of myself. It’s standart as you may see.

Though I think it’s pretty obvious what I’m doing here, I want to say a few words.

Scarzig activation combo may involve teleportation/buffing its attack/reducing enemy attack. The fun part is that many of these cards actually support swarm in some way, so you may instead try swarm combo when everything else fails.

I never used Visage before and must say that this is quite good unconventional card which helps in swarm and general preservation.

I manage to pull off Scarzig combo one in ten games or so, but I also win in gold sometimes by just using Necrotic + Chakram/Soulshatter which is always unexpected.

No competetive value, tbh, but lulz are also nice.

Now I make ScarzigHai deck :slight_smile:


Ooh spicy :stuck_out_tongue:

15 wraithlings were sacrificed in the making of this post


Da Qween pays her respects to the cult:


I’m curious, why Dank Transformation over Ritual Banishing?


Updated the description and thread title slightly, to clarify that all Abyss discussion is welcome here :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t we call this the Cult of the Lurking Fear?


As much as I like that one (obviously), I feel it might be too confusing since LF rotated and people may not get the name’s references. If there’s a general consensus towards a better name however I can consider changing it.


Maybe Cult of the Undervault? Since that’s where all the demons come from


why do we have to be a cult?

we are obviously much bigger than a mere cult


Then what are we, oh mighty Aku???



and obviously we are a sect

its like a cult, but better

the bloodmoon sect sounds better than the cult of lurking fear


Hmm, I suppose, since we are already heretics in a certain fanatics eyes


To not lose one of our superbuffed friends! To gain one!