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Miguel's Abyss deck and discussion space


i want full on ;-;
oh that reminds me gotta get to diamond


Well, if you can find a good use of abyss aoe that comes online early, you will be able to use my Mill/steal list with relative success


true dat
im working on maehv’s rn and its working decently xD


What is this strange exotic sounding thing you speak of :sweat:

Good to see so many Abyss players here :slight_smile: let’s keep the flag of the Unborn ones lifted high up!


Grasp of agony…


Yep actually if Brome is the new meta, then this card will become a new auto-include pretty much


Ah, tfw you play with a laptop which has worse performance than a Chinese toaster… can’t finish more than first 2 turns of a game before animations take too long to completely finish my turn :mysticup: let’s see if I can get this running any time soon


Old reliable.


Mfw stealing threads.


Hey, @miguelosz, looks like you’ll have to rename the thread. It’s now a general abyssian thread :grin:

Talk about miguels thread thread

The name can be interpreted that way too tho, that it’s a general Abyss deck thread hosted by me :stuck_out_tongue: hence I’m probably keeping the name (besides I fully intend to continue using the thread like I have so far, it’s just that other Abyss-related discussion is perfectly fine too)

Talk about miguels thread thread

More the merrier, I agree :slight_smile:

Oh, so it’s like the name of a bar, yeah?

- Darling, will we go to Miguel’s tonight?
- Sure, honey!


Yup, something like that :smiley:

Miguel’s, serving you the best Envybeer since 2016


This is my steal mill Lilithe i promised to make, here it is. The deck is actually very good and can stall into lategame, where you just destroy their deck in a turn or 2. Hexclaw can be replaced for another unleash/spectral blade

This is my Nightshroud Trial Maehv, which i made in collaboration with @sonofmakuta, It has some improvements for hardcore abyss players(mainly adding sarlacs, which i do not own yet…someday though). Illusionist provides bodies for both pre and post trial, pre trial as fuel and post trial as Nightshroud fuel.

I need help....A lot of it

Death Knell seems like it would be pretty OP to recover your board a turn before Xor comes out. Maybe replace with Firestarter or Loreweaver?


id put him in if i had him, most deffinetly replace 1 firestarter, you can also add in vellumscry if yuo feel like it


The undying Arcanyst deck is actually the reason why I think the Underlord is broken. I’ve made a VERY similar list but couldn’t test it properly cause of the Trial bug.

After bug fixing I will certainly play it more.

Thx for posting!


I used to play a very dying wish orientated trial list, that was able to reduce the decks cost by 2 or 3 in the first turns. It turned out unsuccesful


Interesting stuff, I like especially the steal-mill :slight_smile: I’ll make a steal deck sometime later too, but that will most likely have a bit different approach


Arcana list is different. Theoretically you can quickly come back with night shroud’s health swings.