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The answer is no, and not often :smiley: The problem is that there’s not really a situation where I’d prefer it over Vorpal. Mainly it’s just for funzies and feels.


Good to know that :slight_smile: I have only 1 of him and he doesn’t seem like a good spirit investment in general :slight_smile:


Going to post the next Dark Memes soon! This one has something very fishy going on… :fish:

After that I’m off to Gauntlet until the expansion strikes. Mythron seems to hold quite a good amount of meme potential so I’m having really high hopes for the next few months!


Question! @miguelosz Have you ever gotten to successfully run a deck that makes use of all the Abyssian sentinels? :0


Howdy! I did test that way back when they came out, but sadly I never really got Skullprophet to work. To be playable he would either need to be 3/5 or 4/3, or to have some other combo/support for his effect. :confused: You can however easily make a good deck with the other sentinels, for example the more aggressive Maehv builds can synergize with them quite nicely.


Wait I do is run 3 spell or minion, 2 of the other and one of skull prophet, this makes it so you’re oppenent is always guessing.


That probably works ok too. The main problem as I see it is, when you punch your opponent’s general with Skullprophet just once you’re left with a 3/2. And guess what the worst possible statline for a “5-point” minion is in Duelyst… (if you don’t count 0/5)


Badabump tshhhh


You can play all three in a minionbyssian Lilithe or Cass deck, just add removal and some solid cards like Thunderhorn, Desolator, etc. I’d recommend only running the spell and minion ones though.

The most success I’ve had with Skullprophet is running it alone with Cass memes.


Noted! I might play around with that kind of build.


i made something…its something (pls help and perfect this)

edit: standard format only


Hexclaw is not great, so i’d cut to 2. Bonecrusher aswell, if you dont run cadence. Ritual also is not great, because you dont really want to sacrifice your 4/4 most of the time. I’d add the new Lurking fear dude, he is so amazing to open up with, is even better than lurking fear as a spell. I’d add in grimes as well.


If you’re looking for a good deck, Maehv Xor is not the way my friend. Neither is Hexclaw.

Needs way more sustain and just doesn’t have much going for it, bad synergies and not many powerful plays. The Lurking Fear replacement guy seems like something you could use here.

It’s extremely hard to make new Abyssian good, and nobody has perfected it yet, especially not with Xor, who is pretty unplayable even for memes. Our best deck is just stealing the other player’s cards atm


I don’t even have to post here anymore, everything gets answered nicely :smiley:

But yeah basically choose what you aim for and tune out your deck accordingly. This looks like a dying wish deck, in which case I’m not sure if Xor is the way to go.


Abyssian is actually really good… in unranked. Dying wish decks with all the reductions we got now are actually bananas strong and possibly the most impactful tempo deck in the game.

Here’s what I’ve been experimenting with. The deck also has a reddit thread if someone wants to check out my theorycrafting and what other people contributed: https://www.reddit.com/r/duelyst/comments/87tw9u/unranked_dying_wish_cassy_madness/

It’s a real shame Abyssian is completely unplayable on ladder atm - we got really shafted this expansion. Again. At least I get to play casual mode with my several hundred dollar decks I crafted over the years. At least they gave the swarm archetype to Lyonar and took creep away so the defining archetype of Abyssian is now… well, the generals are girls I guess


I’m so happy for Carrion Collector. Good to see my favorite archetype not go down the drain for ladder play.

Now I only need some time to play the actual game post-expansion… :thonk:


Went the same way the hour expansion was released :slight_smile:

Mine looks like this


Everyone seems to be putting abyssian decks here so I’ll show mines :slight_smile: .

Feels pretty good so far.
Gameplan is roughly: 1) Get Xor out ASAP. 2) Put a Shadowdancer. 3) Echoes/Rebirth to multiply everything.

Be warned that the game can get laggy when the whole board is flooded and may even crash :sunglasses:.


it is good in unrank but wb rank ;-;


I’ll post 2 decks tommorow, one actually being semi-competitive (except against brome)